New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 91

  Matt Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer Dan Allen, and Director of Admissions Roberta Nolan, Ed. D., joining the conversation. In President Blair’s opening comments he noted that the strategy for the operations, growth and development of the College is guided by a commitment to value-based education and a devotion to New Church teachings. He acknowledged the 2016-17 fall term as record breaking, with 303 students enrolled at the College and an eye on growing enrollment to 500 in the next few years. He expressed a desire for an expanded reach to all learners, both traditional and non-traditional. He also outlined a sequence of points working toward this goal over the next three to five years, starting with expanding academic programs, including additional supportive facilities, and incorporating life- long learning access into the College’s offerings. These initiatives are poised to support continued mission growth. Dean Bedford detailed some of the plans for expanding academic offerings at the College. He listed a number of new programs in the works including a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in the building arts, a dance minor, a data sciences minor, a communications minor, and a graduate level education program focused on literacy and advanced special education. The College is actively seeking grant funding for these projects, and Dean Bedford pointed out that these new offerings stem logically from existing resources in the College. He described the adjacent Historic District as an extraordinary boon to a potential BFA program that potentially will distinguish the College among peer institutions, not only regionally but nationwide. A campus map was projected for the audience to see the recently completed Dr. Sherri Cooper and Rev. Dan Goodenough residence halls, and General R ۘ[ˈ[ۈ]]XY[ [ۈHX\\HY\Y][ۜ܂XH]\HڙX[\[X\X[]HYY\8$HوYX][ۂ[H]Y[[\HوYX][ۈ[ݚYHY][ۘ[\ܛHXH܂[\\[\[[ܛX[H\HHܘYX]HوYX][ۋBY[[\[\H\HX܈[\\YKݚY[]XYYYXH܈Y[X]]Y\]\[[\[][ۜ˂X[\\ܝY]HܛX[ۈوX[H[Y\ܛYYH[Z]YH[\[]\[\ۜ]Y[ۈ[\\\H\\[Y[X\H[[\\܈X[[\ܝ[X\KH[]Y]YYHوHܘ[[Z[]HY[YB\\Y[ݙ\Y\[ݚYY[[\\]H\و]]H\]\˂H][YH\]X[YHܘ[[Z[[][]H\XBܝ[]Y\[H][X[\[]\[\][]]X\\Y[\]\˂H\ܝY[\ۙXY[ZX\H܈Y[]]\]B[][]]HHݙ\ ˌ\[ HYH[\]HHݚ\[ۘ[MM