New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 84

new church life: march/april 2017 The key to outreach, he feels, is love – and one way to show love is to listen. We may overwhelm newcomers with effusive greetings. The way new spirits are welcomed in the spiritual world should guide us. Their first contact is with angels who offer pure love. with many detours. But this, he reflected, is the way the Lord often talked to people on earth – asking questions and getting them to think. The people came to feel that their questions and opinions mattered. He had launched the plant knowing the failure rate was high but with a lot of people telling him it would be great. He knew they would make mistakes and might fail, but had to try. The Lord, he said, loves when we trip and fall, and learn from the experience. And, “We as a church need to get better at this” – making the effort and learning how to do it better. This is similar to the process of regeneration – learning how to respond to our failures. Our culture says failure is bad but it’s really good for us. Y RG'6WFrBbBFW6( Bv&PG'6WFrV6RFR&&Vf"FRWrv6W&62FBB6VF( BvWBFFR@bf6f&ƗGFW&Rv2B6FW72Bw&WfrvVFRFV66v2FRF66RFvFR6W&6'WBfV&RW762vW&RV&VB@f"6V'2GFVFVW2vW&RW6VBFWr6W&6F7G&RB&Rf&WfW 6vVB'FB27F"R6BRF( Bv2rvBVffV7BR&Rfr@N( 2V7FvWBFv'WBR&RFVƖrvFVRvvBFRFPv&BBFV"ƗfW2&WGFW"BFBW2FffW&V6Rf"bFRVRRv26W'frFV"ƗfW2vW&RW726rFvRW7F&Ɨ66W&6f"F6Rv6( Bff&BCVRFFvVW&ǐF7G'W7B&VƖvFW&Rrf"VƖrRV&VBFBB2'F@BFVFvRVRBFBvRVVBFvWB&WGFW"BF6w&VVr'WB7FfFr6w&VB6vRVVBF&RF涖r&WBFRgWGW&RbFP6W&6( 2BW7B&vBr'WB#V'2g&rFRWFWG&V6RfVV22fR( 2BRvF6rfR2FƗ7FVvRfW'vVWv6W'2vFVfgW6fRw&VWFw2FRvWr7&G0&RvV6VBFR7&GVv&B6VBwVFRW2FV"f'7B6F7B2vFvV2vffW"W&RfRगB266'BV6f'F&RFvFWr6W&6Bvrv@FWV7B6vRVVBFFBfV"vFfRg&FR&BS