New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 8

new church life: march/april 2017 cocoons in which they were “entombed,” but their resurrection was in imitation of His, not the other way around. The Lord is the Archetype of all archetypes, and His Resurrection is re-enacted in all resurrections. The Christian celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection was prefigured in pagan rites celebrating the spring equinox because the order of nature itself, which inspired the pagans, represents the spiritual order of human life established by nature’s Divinely Human Creator. Resurrection is an integral part of that order. Our Easter story, therefore, is not just an embellishment or overlay tacked onto myths, but completes those ancient stories, which are variations on themes impressed upon the human mind by revelation, by its echoes in myth and fable, and also by the forms and patterns of the natural world because it comes from and corresponds to the spiritual world. The theme of death and resurrection pervades the cosmos. It is repeated in the death and birth of stars, the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tide, the wearing down and building up of land. The leafing out of the trees in the springtime is an emblem of resurrection, as is every green shoot that arises from a seed. The Lord, in preparing His disciples for His death, said: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” (John 12:23-25) Resurrection is a recurring motif in human history also. When a civilization declines and falls, the spiritual ideals and principles that gave it life may be revived in a new civilization. The creation story [[\\8$H][H[YܞHوH\۸&\\]X[ܙX][ۈ܈Y[\][ۈ8$ܙ\\Y[\][]\و8'][['B[8'[ܛ[˸'H\XX^HX\ۈHX܈[]]\ݙH[[Y[Y[H]HZ[Y[H\\وYK\]X[[]\[ [H\H[\[\][ۈ[\H[[][[]BYZ[]XX\[ݙ\Z[][[[]H\YHH]^KB]YH[H[][و\]X[YH]\H\\Hܙ 8'B^\[HۈY 'BY[\][ۈZ\\YHY[ۙ\Y\وZ[KYX][Z[KB\\X[ۜ \HZY[[JK[]HH]KH ]\[][HY\[\]ٙ[H]X][H][H\Z\Y\ ']\\\YH܈^HZH[[] 'H X]] MJB\HXݙ\H\Hو\]\[H]\]x&]HY[Y [Y \H[Y [HYH]Hܙ\Y[]\۝[X[K]HH]HZ\[\\[]YO8'H\\Z[K[YY]\H[H[ [HZ[وY[\]H\ۜ˸'H \[B[\XH K BHZ\XHوX\\[\\HܞHوY][]