New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 71

     necessarily, but that we ought to be more flexible regarding the external forms and traditions in our church.” Following are summaries of the three presentations:  Glencairn Museum Brian D. Henderson When John Pitcairn and the Rev. William H. Benade set off for Europe, Egypt and the Holy Land in 1877 these were not two dilettantes indulging a whim by embarking on a “Grand Tour.” They were on a mission to spread news about the Academy of the New Church across Europe, and to see for themselves the land of the Bible. By the time they returned to Philadelphia they had purchased more than 1,000 artifacts from the ancient world, an impressive beginning for the Academy’s museum.       This was part of the story Director Brian Henderson told of how that dream has transformed this museum through the years from an almost forgotten presence on the fourth floor of the Old Library on the Academy campus to world-class status in Glencairn Museum. Brian divided his presentation into four topics: 1. History and Context: Why museums matter; why the Academy established a museum; and why Glencairn Museum is relevant in the world 2. Educational Programs: How Glencairn Museum enriches student learning 3. Public Programs: How the 137 Glencairn Museum exists to educate a diverse audience about the history of religion, using art and artifacts from a variety of cultures and time periods. We seek to build understanding between people of all beliefs through an appreciation of common spiritual history and values. The Museum’s special focus is to preserve and interpret the art, culture and history of the New Church.