New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 57

       struggling with. I want to say it’s not okay if that’s the culture they have to exist within. If we knew that about them we would certainly try with all of our might to help them. And the hard thing is we don’t always know. But we need to shine a light. We need to help to make it okay that if you’re struggling there is help. There is hope. There is someone you can talk to. We can’t always prevent it. If someone is determined, they might just do it. They will find a way. I think what we can do is to create community and connection and reach out to people and try to normalize this the best that we can. Because most often people who are struggling feel isolated. Think of the story of the little lost lamb from Luke 15. I usually think about ѡЁѽ䁙ɽѡѥٔѡݡЁ́͡ѕ)ѡɽѡѥٔѡݡ́и ѡЁѱ)Ёɕ䁡ɐe׊eɔа׊eɔ͍ɕ׊eɔݽɥ)]ЁݔѡЁ́ɔ܁ݔ]䁽и )$ͅͽѡ $%Ё́ɐѼѡи$ѡݔٔ)ձɔݡɔݗeɔ͕Ѽѽ՝՝QЁݔиQ)ݔ͡ձѼՍЁɥQ́́Ёѡ䁍ձɔȁ́Ѽ)ٔ]ѼݥѠѡȁٔѡɅѼ͡܁)ȁѡȸ$ѡЁ́eЁѡЁ͔ݔɔɅݔe)ٔѡɥЁѡѼͅ)QɔͻeЁɥЁѡѼͅ丁)Ёͅ䰃q'eѡЁԻt=Ȱq!t)=Ȱq'eɔȁԻt%ЁͻeЁѕȁݡЁԁͅ쁩ЁЁѡ܁׊eɔ)ѡɔɔѡЁѡ)Mݡ䁑́ѡ́]䁥́ѡɔх$eЁ܁)ѼݕȁѡЁՕѥЁ$܁ѡЁѡɔɔɥՅՕ̸)ݥѠͽݡѡȁӊéȁͥѡɔ͕́Ѽ)ɽݥѠѡѕȃLݥѠѡѼЁɥݡӊéݥѼѡ)ɽQ䁍eЁѽаȁѡ䁍eЁ͕иQ䁍eЁɕ锁ݡɔѡ)Օ́ɔɽѼͅ䰃q=ѡаѡӊéЁQӊe)ݥtѡ䁍eЁɕѥєݕݡӊé)ݡѡ䁅ɔ)MЁ͕́ѡɗéɅѡЁ݅ݡɔչȁɵ)ɍյх́ݔͅ䰃q=ѡӊéݥ$eЁ݅Ёѡлt)QЁ݅丁 ЁȁѡЁЁ́Qɔ́Ʌѡɔ)]Ѽ͡и)]ѼѼ)ЁѡЁ׊eɔ)՝ѡɔ́)Qɔ́Qɔ)ͽԁхѼ(