New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 3

March/April 2017 Vol. MMXVII New Church Life A bimonthly magazine devoted to the teachings revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg, as they relate to life. 71  In this Issue 73  Editorials: The Roots of Easter • The Cry of Suicide • History and Divine Providence • Religious Feelings: Holy Fear and Unworthiness 80  Letters to the Editors 85  The Stones Would Immediately Cry Out – A Palm Sunday Sermon by The Rev. Eric H. Carswell 91  What the Lord Actually Accomplished by His Incarnation – The Rev. Michael D. Gladish 103  Finding the Humanity in Judas Iscariot – The Rev. Christopher A. Barber 118  In Support of Mental and Spiritual Health – A Sermon by The Rev. David C. Roth 127  Coping With Grief – The Rev. David C. Roth 130  The Non-Appropriation of Evil – A Sermon by The Rev. Geoffrey H. Howard 136  Boynton Beach Retreat 2017 152  ‘Lead Us and Guide Us, Lord’ – Naomi (Scott) Reid 155  Church News 171  Life Lines 182  Announcements New Church Life is online at, with issues archived back to 2006. All issues of New Church Life can be searched back to 1881 at No. 2