New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 17

    This descriptive collection doesn’t sound like something shrouded in clouds of correspondence. When Swedenborg sees the temple in heaven, the cherub of correspondences is there, but the curtain has been raised so that we can see beyond him. (See Apocalypse Revealed 668, 897) Joseph S. David Indianapolis, Indiana Our Planets Are Not Inhabited To The Editors: We often hear about church membership not growing. One reason has got to be Earths in the Universe. A new reader may think, “This makes sense,” but then reads about spirits from Saturn, which must be an immediate turnoff. I don’t think I’ve seen an official explanation of spirits being said to come from planets in our solar system. Shouldn’t we, finally, address this head on? The basis for an explanation might well be Earths in the Universe 134: [That those not in faith] may be led along to something of acknowledgment it has been conceded to relate such things as delight to attract the man who is desirous of knowing . . . “ (This is the Swedenborg Foundation translation. The Swedenborg Society has “granted” for “conceded.”) In Swedenborg’s time almost everyone thought the other planets were inhabited (Benjamin Franklin, etc.). Some even thought the sun ݅́ѕ(]!͍ь)Aɡ́Ѽхمхѡ́ѡMݕɜͥх)ɥ́Ѽȁ̰ѡ͔́q͕ȁѼtѼɽ͔)ѕɕЁѡ]ɥѥ̸Q́ձݕݡЁ݅̃qɅѕt)%āѕȁMݕɜͅ胊qQ1ɐȁM٥ȁٕ́ѡ)ݡɸѕɅѕ́Ѽ䁥ѕՑлt]ѡ)ȁЁх́ɔѕ́ѕɅѕȸ)1ӊéЁͽѡЁѡɔͽ䁽ȁݕͥѕ̄)]0]ٕ)1ɝɥ(