New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 15

    approach counter-productive to the Lord’s message? Surely our reason for existence is to firmly share all the truths now revealed by the Lord . . . I believe that when we try to ‘fit in’ we actually deny the Lord before the crowing of the cock. Are we just being prudent as we seek to swell our membership through temporal appeals, or are we fearful of rejection or even of persecution? ” And Mr. Ridgway says in the middle part of his letter: “I have been most concerned over many years at the way in which the General Church has been moving away from that very principle of faith that gives it the very reason for its existence. . . . It seems to me that our increasing failure to strongly acknowledge the Divinity of the new Word is either from a lack of understanding of what the so-called Writings of Swedenborg really are and a lack of appreciation of our prime belief, or that it is thought that by hiding our light we will blend in with others and so attract more membership.” Don’t these two quotes sound pretty much alike? In his second part Mr. Ridgway and I agree about one point, about calling ourselves Swedenborgians, but then, I’m sorry to say, we drift apart. My concept of the term “Heavenly Doctrines” must be quite different from his. We are told several times in the Writings that when a person reads the Old or New Test [Y[\وHܙ ]H[[\H]]\ۈ›X\HܙوH]\[[K^HX\X]XZ[H[\XX܈X]\[ZXZ8&\\^HX\ۛHH[\[[KX]Bܙ[\][ۘ[ ܈X]H]HوH\ \X\[و[HYHܜ\ۙ[\وHܙ\KH[]\YX[H8'HX][H[\'H8$]H[X][قX][X\[HXYHܙ HYH]\\[Z\[]Y[B]\[[HHXY[H[\[[H^HX\[]]\][Y][]\[\\Y]H[K YH]\\[[H[]’X][H[H [ L[X][[[ LMB[YۙH][H^\H\H8'ܙ8'H܈8'Hܙ8'H\H\Y[Hܚ][ۙH[]Y[][ۜXYH]Y[ H[[[ۂۙH\]Hܙ\H[]\[Y[]\Y[][ۈ\œ]XK][YX[\]H\H[[X[Y[[[H]™][H[[و\ܘY[]] [ZK܈HHوH]Hق[\ˈ\\][[[YHH\ܚX[[H]HY][Y\[]ܚ][\8'H][H]'H܈8'[\[B]˸'H[\\Y]][[YHH[[][][ۋ[و\H\ܚ\[ۜ\H\Y [Y\[[Z[]HۋB[ۚX[\[[^\H^YY ]YX[Hܙ\Hۛš]H[ ܈HXKXH]X\Y[ܙ\\H\K'\ܙ 'H \[\H^Z[Y M΍[XܙYܚ\\H JHH\Y[][ۈ]XY\]Y[ ܈X^XHH[^HH[]Y