New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 111

  His image. Q: What are we? A: We are recipients of life from God, who is life itself. Q: Where are we going? A: The purpose of creation is a heaven from the human race. Each of us was created to become an angel and live to eternity in heaven. Q: What makes us human? A: The two distinctively human faculties are rationality and liberty, or free will and reason. Q: What is life? A: Love is the life of man. Without it we would not think or move. Q: How do we prepare for eternal life? A: We must be regenerated – that is, born again, spiritually. Q: How can we be regenerated? A: By shunning evils as sins against God, and living according to the teachings of the Word. Q: Does regeneration happen all at once? A: No, it is a gradual process that lasts throughout our life, as we are little by little drawn out of evil and into good. Q: What are the steps of regeneration? A: The three general stages of regeneration are repentance, reformation and regeneration. Q: How do we shun evils? A: Examine ourselves; identify the bad feelings and thoughts we have; pray to the Lord for help in getting rid of them; and stop acting on them. Q: Why does the Lord permit evil things to happen? A: Evil must be seen in order to be rejected. (A \H\H\X\ۜ8$\H[H]\[]Y\[ۜۈ\\XوݚY[JBN\]YX[HYY]\ܛۙ][[HY[NX][H YH^[Z[H\[\H[YH][[\[\YܙB^HYH[X 8'ٙ[\]\YK]HHHH^BYK'BBBBBBBBH SBHXH]]XB[ZY[وHܛ[\\HY\[Y[ۈ]وHXX]X\B\H\KH[Y\X[XHY]H[[Y[XH\[[H Z[[ۈZ] X\H\ݙ\H[\8$]YH[\ܝ[H[B[Y[HوHXH[[Y\X[YH8$\XܛH[\[[HX[ H\XHو[Y\X[YYKH[\Y[Y[[H[و N \^XY]X L \]ܜHYX\H]\ۋ\Y[وH[Y\X[XHY]KZY][ۙ˜\\و[\[[HX[X]\HH[\[YYX][HۈBXH[ܘY[HX\][ۈو[\[[H[Hۜ]][ۋ8'BM