New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 100

new church life: march/april 2017 Swedenborg and the Arts International Conference June 6-9, 2017 Bryn Athyn College is hosting the first-ever international conference dedicated to examining the impact of Emanuel Swedenborg’s theology and ideas on the arts. Thirty scholars from 10 different countries will be coming to the College to present on a variety of topics related to Swedenborg’s influence on the arts. The conference offers a unique opportunity to learn about 200 years' worth of painters, poets, architects and novelists who all used Swedenborgian concepts in their art. Can you paint love? Is it possible to design a city with heaven (or the Grand Human) in mind? Daniel Burnham, a Swedenborgian, did so in Chicago and in many other places as well. When we read Swedenborg, why did Ralph Waldo Emerson write that "we come into a world which is a living poem"? Artists inspired by ideas revealed by Swedenborg are still painting, still writing, and still designing today. Some of them will be at the conference to discuss what they are working on and what they hope to do in the future. Please keep the dates available and when registration is open, sign up and join us for this exciting event at Bryn Athyn College. Suzy Laidlaw, Event Coordinator 166