Neuromag May 2017 - Page 5

06 Using science as a tool for social change: The case of TReND in Africa André Maia Chagas 08 09 Science snapshot Ann-Christin Kimmig 10 13 Catching light Eric James McDermott Creating a "humanzee"- science or fiction? Stefanie Schuster 28 30 NeNa 2016 meeting report Renée Hartig Vision in the deep sea: Studies in evolutionary biology Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wagner 24 26 Creating artwork with an algorithm: An interview with Leon Gatys Celia Foster Best practice science in the age of irreplicability Thomas Wallace 19 21 How many polar bears is a conferece worth? Florian Sandhager Pro-Test Deutschland: A grassroots organization spreading awareness of animal research Renée Hartig 14 16 The Cybathlon: An update on machine learning Vinay Jayaram 3D printing as a gateway to science Joe Sheppard Hike-Bike-Train-Plane Eric James McDermott Neuromag team May 2017| NEUROMAG | 5