Neuromag May 2017 - Page 30

Hike - Bike - Train - Plane by Eric James McDermott Hike: Bebenhausen Start from the top of Nordring and continue on Waldhäuser Straße, soon you’ll pass the Gast- stätte Waldhäuser Hof on your left, which has a wonderful vending machine for fresh milk and other farm produced items. After not too long the treetops of the Schönbuch appear as you then dive into the depths of the forest. Keep following the path down. The 12th century Bebenhausen Abbey will soon appear amongst the 347 person village. It is free to explore, but check in advance if you’re interested in attending a service. For the return journey, simply follow your path back. If you’re not up for the trek, there is also a bus service that runs nearby at the bus station “Beben- hausen Waldhorn”. Round trip distance and time: ~5km / ~1.5 hr Info: Google Maps walking directions “Gaststätte Waldhäuser Hof —> Bebenhausen” Bike: Baggersee Hirschau Pack your