Neuromag May 2017 - Page 20

Viswanathan has also written an arti- cle about this topic for the first issue of the Tübinger Neuromag. Florian Sandhäger Dr. Wolfgang Kelsch (Central Institute for Mental Health, Mainz) visted NeNa confer- ence for a talk on the functional characteris- tics of psychiatric disorders and their neuro- biological basis. devices without any cost expendi- tures. Viswanathan explained how she uses Mendeley, Dropbox and Read- Cube to get the best organization, synchronization and aggregation of material. Personally, I was impressed at the methodology she employed to achieve such aims. I was totally unaware of some of the features of these programs, such as Mendeley’s capability to watch folders for new uploads. In the case of continuously adding papers to your Dropbox, Men- deley can then automatically update your sources from the Dropbox direc- tory. ReadCube was also a reader she presented, which has sufficient tools to assist with the exploration of sup- plementary material and in-text cita- tions. Perhaps you may want to try some of these techniques yourself? Overall, whether it was the continuous stream of coffee or the brilliant sci- ence, I was in relatively high spirits for the entire conference duration. It’s true that not everything went smoothly, such as the cancellation of our plenary speaker, Professor Robert Desimone (MIT), but we were able to bring in a great scientist and psychiatrist from Heidelberg University, Dr. Wolfgang Kelsh, who was able to answer all of our questions in a discussion that was quite broad and very much entertain- ing. He really had an answer for it all – whether we were discussing the mod- ern-day use of electroshock therapy, the prescription of medication to alter the mental state, or whether smoking marijuana may lead to schizophrenia. I laud his scope of knowledge, and thanks to him our discussion was all the more fruitful. Naturally, we will continue to work on making NeNa a fun and entertaining learning experience. The organizing team is already taking suggestions for next year’s keynote speaker, and we are considering other dynamics to increase the diversity of the activi- ties offered to participants. There has already been talk of having live music and more group activities throughout the day. I am certainly, looking forward to it and calling on any interested per- sons to register for next year (we do support travel for those outside of Tübingen)! Renée Hartig graduat ɽ)ѡ 9Ʌ ٥Ʌ)ḾѕˊéɽɅ(ԸḾɕѱ䁄A)єѡչѥ) Ʌѥٔ9ɽ͍)ɅѽݥѠȸ!Ʌɐ(ͼɥѕ5AAӊe)=ɥ5饹)ɥ M(9UI=55