Networks Europe March/April 2019 - Page 4

Power distribution in IT racks – 10 things you should expect from modern PDUs 1 2 ENHANCED RELIABILITY OF IT INSTALLATIONS SPACE SAVING, SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE Integrated grips prevent accidental disconnect of IEC plugs Low profile design, choice of mounting positions, hot-swappable components and colour coding MONITORED POWER USAGE Down to individual socket level to accurately control and attribute costs +1% billing grade accuracy 4 3 5 Operates at up to 60°C Monitor and manage PDU’s from virtualization dashboards. Shut down and restart your loads remotely to maximize run time of critical loads on power outages ENVIRONMENTAL DATA COLLECTION & MONITORING Environmental sensor for configurable temperature/humidity alarms on PDU’s REDUCED COOLING COSTS INTEGRATION INTO VIRTUALIZATION PLATFORMS REMOTE CONTROL 7 Initiate automatic migration of virtual machines on PDU alerts 9 REDUCED POWER SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION TIME Mass configuration and updates ON-THE-SPOT STATUS INFORMATION 6 An integrated display helps get key status information to rapidly detect and correct faults 8 MONEY SAVED ON NETWORK COMPONENTS Daisy-chain multiple PDU’s to one IP port and IP address 10 Discover Eaton rack based power distribution units at