Networks Europe March/April 2019 - Page 15

How Cool Are You... Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions designed for data centers Munters Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Coolers (IEC) save you money, provide optimal operation and serve as an energy efficient solution for cooling your data centre. We are also proud to offer 1st class dedicated global sales and service teams plus fully operational test facilities for Factory Acceptance Testing and simulation. The facilities follow ASHRAE Standard 143-2015 guideline method for indirect evaporative cooling testing • Indirect evaporative cooling • Energy efficient with low pPUE • Heat recovery options • Make-up air and humidity control systems • 3 modes of water operation • Full simulation test facility • Munters advanced EPX technology TALK TO US ABOUT • Evaporative Cooling • Heat Recovery • Make-up air and humidity control systems • Energy Efficiency • Selection Software • Testing, Service and Support New! Visit the Munters Data Centre Academy video lectures web page on Air-Cooled Data Center Design through to Indirect Evaporative Cooling Principles using Munters Heat Exhanger technology or scan the QR code to go direct to You Tube playlist Global enquires +44 1480 410223 • E-mail: