Networks Europe March/April 2019 - Page 11

NEWS IN BRIEF 11 Nexans simplifies data centre network monitoring and scale-up Embarking on the next quest for data centre efficiency More servers, more CPU power… this is no longer the solution for boosting data centre performance, according to those in the know. Now with the deceleration of Moore’s Law and the drive for domain-specific processors and edge computing, there is a growing focus on powerful solutions to optimise network efficiency. A research report, conducted by Futuriom, spanning medium to large enterprises across China, the USA and UK provides a detailed analysis of how today’s data centre professionals are addressing the challenge of supporting high-power applications such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics across public, private and hybrid clouds. The study reveals a high interest in software-defined virtualisation and network optimisation strategies. It shows that processor offload and SmartNICs are now the favoured solutions for improving data centre performance – while deploying more servers is least favoured. Above all, it concludes that the network, a key engine of performance to the cloud, needs specific adaptations to keep up with data centres that have ambitions to be cloud-scale. Other findings include: the recognition that network optimisation technologies are a key way to improve DC performance; potential benefits in upgrading the network include faster application performance (64%), stronger security (59%), greater flexibility (57%), and application reliability (57%); and that 84% of respondents thought network infrastructure was either ‘very important’ or ‘important’ to delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning. Highly efficient utilisation of servers and storage topped the list when asked which aspect of hyper- scale cloud operations they would most like to emulate. The next tier of results included the use of flexible, converged 25/50/100Gb Ethernet networking for everything (19%), automated infrastructure deployment, management and monitoring (17%), and simplified resource provisioning, reporting and billing (15%). The US, UK and China were selected in order to garner a diverse global outlook from three regions where data-centre infrastructure is being deployed most aggressively, and the report includes both aggregated data from these geographic regions and broken down results where appropriate. The report also provides further detail on the biggest perceived challenges around virtualization and containers; on developments in data centre storage strategy; on the future of Moore’s Law and its strategic relevance for data centre strategy; on developing network requirements for data centres; and key technologies to watch, including hyperconverged infrastructure, domain-specific processors and application code efficiency. The full report is available to download here: n NETWORKS EUROPE The magazine for network and data centre professionals As new trends such as 5G and edge computing put more strain on data centres, the race for ef- ficiency, reliability and scalability continues. To help data centres effectively address their phys- ical layer-related challenges, Nexans launches new cutting-edge solutions. The new solutions presented by the Group include LANsense AIM software for network monitoring, LANmark EN- SPACE high-density fibre solution and Slimflex Cat. 6A high-density copper solution. LANsense monitors manage and optimise network capacity remotely and more efficiently. Data Centre managers can trace circuits end-to- end, flag disconnects, find available rack space and make sure redundant and load balancing circuits are connected. In a modern data centre, there is limited space for passive cabling. LANmark ENSPACE solution increases the number of connections in 1U by 50%. ENSPACE panels come with three individual sliding trays per ‘U’ allowing 144 LC connections in 1U and up to 576 connections in a 4U. Nexans’ Slimflex Category 6A solution saves up to 50% space in data centre installations. This new copper range consists of a 48-port panel, Slimflex cords and Cat 6A connectors. Once installed the result is a neat and cleaned up high-density installation. In addition to its data transmission technol- ogy, Nexans will showcase its flagship TITANEX power cables. For more than 50 years the TITANEX cable range has been recognized as the industry-leading solution for all mobile and fixed installations in industrial environments, including data centres. The power cable is highly robust but flexible enough to cope with the restrictions of a data centre. It withstands high operating tempera- tures up to 90°C and has excellent mechanical resistance to impacts. TITANEX is easy to work with, even in large cross-sections. The cable can comprise up to 36 cores, with 1 to 630 mm² cross-section. n If you have any news please email James Abbott