Networks Europe Issue 19 January/February 2019 - Page 49

CONTAINERISATION insured if it meets this correct international shipping container standard, giving you greater peace of mind. You need Edge services If you need to position your data centre(s) in a more distributed fashion, so that they’re near specific mechanical plant equipment, or close to a fibre connection in a remote location, the containerised data centre is a secure and cost-effective way to achieve this, with considerably fewer barriers to overcome, before they can be implemented. 6 Think outside of the box The technology behind containerised data centres has developed considerably – thinking of them as ‘only a temporary solution’ is no longer a valid position considering the benefits we’ve outlined. One of the questions we encounter time and time again when clients are considering how we should design their data centre is, “Can a containerised data centre maintain effective cooling and achieve strong Power Usage Efficiency ratings?” Traditionally thinking, says of course they can’t, but our experience has proven they can deliver the same high standards as a modular or traditional data centre build. Essentially, they use the same equipment, including monitoring systems – they’re well suited to high-density applications where heat can be an issue precisely because of the way containers are configured and fire rated. Also, where there are particularly stringent demands, it’s not too uncommon to have a second container which is responsible for housing switchgear, batteries, UPS and cooling hardware, though it can be housed within container ‘rooms’ separate from load-bearing server racks. The bottom line is that containerised data centres can be a serious contender as an approach to meeting your data centre or edge storage needs. Don’t let the outdated thinking of others cloud your judgement, or you could be ruling out a solution that fits comfortably in your budget and gives you great opportunities for future expansion. n Discover the Edge. Smart Solutions. Real Business. 49