Networks Europe Issue 19 January/February 2019 - Page 48

48 CONTAINERISATION Site suitability In some locations, it’s simply impossible to house a new data centre. This could be due to footprint, budget or even local planning regulations. Often in these situations, a container can be a solution accepted by all and can be implemented with a minimum of fuss or raised eyebrows from the CFO. 2 Off-site construction There could be many reasons why you can’t build a data centre on site, for example, if it’s a high-security area, or the data centre is only needed in a disaster recovery situation such as a flood, so you want to keep it off-site. A containerised solution can be fully designed, fitted out and tested at a separate location. It could even be running in 3 a separate location, mirroring servers at the main location and can then dropped in as a ‘clone’ when needed. Mobile data centre If you need your data centre to be mobile, either because you know the facility will be moving to another site in the future or you want to ship it to another country once built, then containerisation is an excellent solution. Firstly, because units are normally designed to shipping containing external dimensions, use the same interlock systems and meet or exceed the same rigidity and load standards, shipping them is a lot easier than sending individual components that must be re-assembled at the other end. Secondly, it’s possible, using the right partner, to get the container CSC (Container Safety Convention) 4 Rittal solutions for the technology of the future. Edge computing enables enormous amounts of data to be processed directly at the place where they arise. Securely and in real time. Rittal prepares you and your IT infrastructure for new challenges - flexibly, economically, and globally.