Networks Europe Issue 19 January/February 2019 - Page 33

Smart choices for digital infrastructure BW BW gth Len 40G ? BW h ? ngt C 90 BW Le lass Data g Centre BW Len ss th ? ss th ? Cla g Len ss Cla OM Enterprise BW g Len 5G 90 m t 6A Ca BW 10G 90 BW th eng ? th ? g Len ss Cla M t 7A Ca BW BW gth Len ? BW LANmark LANsense LANactive ss Cla gth Len ? Flexible architectures ss Cla for any environment ss Cla BW Automated Infrastructure th ? g n Management BW Le ? gth n e L ss Cla m 4 m t 6 Ca th ? Cla L 400 2.5G Fibre To The Office