Networks Europe Issue 19 January/February 2019 - Page 16

16 INTERVIEW Where do you see the data centre industry heading in the future? With the growth of data and the value it holds for businesses, global economies and people’s daily lives, data centres play a crucial role in the future. Today, each new data centre adds up to £436 million to an economy, £116 million more than it did two years ago. But to keep that value rising, greater agility, flexibility and choice around changes in demand for access to data will be vital. Customers are facing numerous challenges from the economic, regulatory and social environments in which they operate – not to mention the pressure from competitors. The data centre industry needs to be ahead of digital transformation to help customers on their data journey to navigate and respond to these complex times. 3 What will be the market drivers for the future? At the heart of it all is IoT and AI; both will revolutionise just about every industry you can think of, bringing new interconnection and data processing demands. The explosion of connected devices being used in diverse applications that include factories, farms, voice assistants and street light sensors has led, as we know, to the birth of the Internet of Things (IoT) as these devices need to connect and communicate. We really are at the early stages of adoption, but as the applications grow we know that AI will become even more critical in enabling the data to be processed and acted upon. While those technologies create and transmit data at new rates, AI will consume and process that data at a volume and speed we’ve never seen before. Furthermore, the increasing consumer demand for the latest smartphone or wearable health monitoring device is one of the biggest market drivers for data. The growth of consumer data is boosted further by the increasing desire for digital entertainment and communication, such as video and music streaming, to computer gaming and sharing information on social media. The amount of data generated 4 E V O L V I N G A N D I N N O V A T I FOLLOW TOMORROWS FUTURE TODAY AT: CANNONTECH.CO.UK 19” Racks & Cabinets I n te g ra te d O u td o o r Cabinets Hot/Cold Aisle Cocooning DOWNLOAD OUR LATEST BROCHURES AT: CANNONTECH.CO.UK Water/DX & Free Cooling FOR A COPY OF OU QUALITY | RELIABILITY | EFFICIENCY | CUS