Networks Europe Issue 13 January/February 2018 - Page 46

46 CASE STUDY Accounting for the future By Raritan Global accounting firm adds intelligent tools to manage new high-density colocation site Recognised by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other energy organisations for reducing its carbon footprint, the accounting firm looks to all parts of its business to support its energy-reduction efforts, and this includes its data centres. Its traditional data centre that supports all the applications used by the firm’s professionals in the United States generates almost half of its own electricity on site using a low-emission, natural-gas power generation system. Instead of venting into the environment, the generator’s exhaust heat is distributed to chillers – providing continuously chilled water to the air conditioning system that maintains optimal temperatures for the IT equipment. Solar power is even used to provide electricity to the firm’s headquarters campus that houses the data centre and company offices. Energy efficiency steps inside the data centre include virtualising servers, and eliminating hotspots, overcooling and