Network Communications News (NCN) September 2016 - Page 7

ECA-Kevin 210x297mm (Trim).pdf 1 15/01/2016 15:32 Kevin Snowdon, Managing Director, NES Electrical The ECA is more than a badge: it’s a valuable business benefit. ECA members can get free specialist technical advice on design, installation, inspection and maintenance as well as being kept up-to-date on the latest regulations. ECA Membership includes, but is not limited to: (HPHX\[YHوܚ]H[\\Y\XXHوZ[(\[YZ[[\\¸([Y\X[۝X[Y[YXHۈB[Hو\Y\YX[[\\[\‚‚BB(ܙY]][[XXݙ\H\X\‚B(YXHۈ[\YYH[][ۜXܝZ]Y[ \\[\HX]\[\[][[\X[[][ۜ‚VBBVB(YXY]\܈THݙ\YH[\[B[[[ۈ[YB‚(X[[Y]HYXHۈYXB\[\H]Y\][ۂ\H[[\\[\˂˙XK˝ZۛX]\P[]BHPH\]\][[[ [\[\[[ H\[\\]Y[[\[ۜY\YH\X][ۂY[X\\[۝XSP ˜[X ܙ˝ZK[]Y L BK ̌ M MN