Network Communications News (NCN) September 2016 - Page 37

cable management & labelling incur the high costs down the road for upgrades, system maintenance and management and many are now looking at the network’s physical media infrastructure and its overall life cycle to achieve corporate goals. A viable option is the adoption of pre-terminated structured cabling systems. Pre-terminated optical fibre and copper cabling systems are bundled, pre-terminated and pre-tested at the factory, eliminating the necessity for on site field termination. They are most suited for network installations that are planned well in advance, taking into account both current and future requirements. By adopting a preterminated system installation time can be significantly reduced. Such a system requires minimal engineering work once the product arrives on site. The system also needs to be supportive of both copper and fibre connections. This is due to the initial planning process which involves detailed analysis before installation and determines specific cabling and termination routes along the cable trays and within the cabinets. Once the detailed plan is formulated and approved, the system’s cabling and connectivity components are manufactured and tested at the factory to ensure they meet all applicable industry standards prior to delivery. Taken in their totality, the lifecycle benefits of pre-terminated systems can be significant. At the front end, benefits relate to installation time, labour cost and material reduction, as well as greater space and energy savings, network performance, quality and less waste. Spatial awareness It is important to use the available space effectively and as efficiently as possible when it comes to a data centre. The more space and connectivity that can be offered within any rack space will be beneficial now and for future storage needs. The data centre should therefore be designed with consideration towards the space needed now and flexible ‘white space’ for the future. The growth of electronic storage has been the major factor over the last five years which has impacted on both floor space and density. Although great forward strides have been made in storage efficiency through server virtualisation this has bought about other issues. The space savings made by server virtualisation have been eradicated by the following ongoing S P E C I A L F E AT U R E Data centres and data reliant businesses want systems that provide reliable performance, greater bandwidth and flexibility to accommodate future growth. storage capacity, an increase in fibre cabling and adaptation. Where fibre is concerned it is crucial that the cabling has adequate support over longer runs while maintaining an optimum bend radius throughout. This means that a quality fibre ducting system is required. Other considerations include capacity of the ducting, the number of fittings available with a system and if it can be adapted or added to in the future without disturbing or damaging existing cable. High density connectivity is also another way to ease pressure on space within a data centre and there are many products that can provide performance over greater distances. Informed infrastructure The amount of cable used within a data centre is substantial. With a mixture of power cables, fibre optic and copper cabling infrastructure within walls, under raised floors, in ceiling voids and running in overhead containment, the planning and management for this cable becomes vitally important. The performance of network cabling – be it copper or fibre – can be heavily impeded if it isn’t managed correctly. It is essential that cable going into the rack maintains its optimum bend radius, without excessive pulling or stress on the cable. As soon as these are compromised, the performance of the entire network could be affected. However, by using patch panel with rear cable management, any unnecessary stress or strain o HXH[B[]X]Y HX\XHX[Y[Y[\܈H^H][ۈ[HXYYY ]\\X[ۈٙ\YHH\HقH^XHۙZ] ]\[ܝ[]۝XHX[Y[Y[][BX]H\Hو\[[[[[XZ[Z[H[Y]\[ZYXH[ܝY[YX][ۋH^H[\X\H\Yۈ\›XZ[Z[[H[][H[Y]\Y]H]ܚ\ܝ[HZYوHXH\]\XH[Y\[^\H™^\[[[Y[X\\[\Z[[][H]H\HوY[ݙ\ˈ\K]\Z[]Y\[\˜\Hٝ[[Y]\[HBY[Y][ۘ[X[ۈ[YY]BHXK\[[Y]HH\و\Y\ˈ[[HXHHBZY][[ݙ\XY܈[\܂XH^HݚY\܈HX][YB]ܚ[\X\K[]Y\]H[B\Yۈ[[\X\H]\[\ܝ[[Y[X\]ۙH^H\۸&]][ ]\][H[\ܝ[]BY\[K[[][ۈ[XBX[Y[Y[\[HH]] [XX[۝XܜYY\X\H\KZY[[[[وX\H\[H\\]Z\Y\K\[\H[[][ۈ[\ۛY[[H[[[وXH]Z[XKYܙBXZ[HX\[ۋ۝XܜYY˜ۜY\H۝^وHZ[ [][HY\[\[[وB[[][ۜ[\ۛY[ ‚͋LXHX[Y[Y[8$ [ ‚ ̌ M MN