Network Communications News (NCN) September 2016 - Page 28

F E AT U R E fibre cleaning bottles of IPA aren’t going to do much damage. But many locales – such as California and New Jersey – have implemented clean air legislation that make it very difficult to legally use VOCs in such containers. Emerging nations such as China also have considered the VOC problem to become a better global neighbour. So while a technician may be able to get IPA it may not be legal to use it. Single use penalties can be as high as five figures and include incarceration! Yes, we live in a new legislative environment – and one of best practice performance. For fusion splice prep there is one last concern: the residual moisture in the IPA will corrode the electrodes on expensive fusion splicing equipment. As the high intensity arc fuses the fibres the heat not only evaporates remaining IPA but also the moisture embedded in the IPA. Yes, you can replace the electrodes, but would it not be better practice to select a chemical that does not hasten their demise? This is the reason many major fusion splice producers have gravitated away from IPA for splice prepping and now market applicationspecific products in unique packages. What is the answer? Fibre optics need fast, consistent and reliable contamination removal. – not just sometime, not just maybe – but each time it is dispensed. IPA out; water and contamination in. For optimal results, the packaging should be hermetically sealed. There is another concern: the headroom in the drum or pail of IPA will have air that contains moisture. This exposure continues hygroscopic deterioration. There is no practical way a technician can estimate the purity of IPA that has been opened or improperly stored. The best practice is not to use IPA at all. C [\[Y\^H\HTH[HH^H؛[OX[HK]H[Y]H]H\\HوNKH\[XY[ܘYHTH\H\Hق[ۙ^H[Yܝ \x&\H]HXܙ]X]XY[ܘYHTN[H]\B[\H]\H[YܛX˂Yܜ\\Hۙ\Y\[HXHX[\K[Y[][X[X[ۈ[][œ[[ˈH\[^\ۈH ]\HوۛXܜ۝[Z[][ۋX[[[H[\X][ۜ܈]ܚ™\Yۈ[\ܛX[KNKH\[8&XY[ܘYHTx&H[YXH][YܙH\]Hۙ˜YܙHH۝Z[\\[\YY [\HX\H^Z[XY[ܘYHTB[H\Y]X[HX[Y۝Z[\[\[][\\H۝Yۙ][ۜŠX\X[]]H][[]۝[\\HXܜ[ۊB[\\[H\\\[[ۙ^KܘYH[XY[\H؛[B]\\[H\\Y]\ܝXX[[\™[\ۛY[ TH\H^\\\]ZYX]\H]\[[XXK[[[XX\œ[XZ]HXX[ܘYH[[[ˈ\H\X\\X[›XZH]YX[[^[]H\TK[TH\Z[H[H\YYۈZ\[\X]\Hو\\•K PH[PUHY[][ۜ˂\H\[ ]ٝ[\YX[܈Xš[[[H][ۜ]HH\X[[ZYۈ[ H]\XB[H[XHۙ[[XXKۘY\ ۋZ^\\\]ZYX\BX\H\[]\K[\ۛY[[KTH\H][Bܙ[X\[ K\YX[š]۝X]\[[ˈ[BH[\[\N\H]HY[X[H[\ܝ[Y[\[HY[BوX[[ݙ\H\YHXY\˂H\[X[X[]H\TH\Y[\\Y[\XYHY\[[ܙHYX]H[ZX[˂XHXYY\ ۜ\[[[XXH۝[Z[][ۈ[[ݘ[ \[\HH\XKH[X[ۂوHZY܈X[[XHX\B\^YK[ٙوX[H]X]\˜ ܘYK[[\]KXX[X[[X[]KZ[[YH[ܚ\Y]HHH]ˈ[\ۙ[[XXHZY8$[ۙ]B\X]HۋX[[H\\ œ\\Y]X[ZHH\Y\H8$\BH\XH[\HHX[\XB]\[Z\Y܈[HYYY[[H\X]HXHXˈH\X\\H[H\K\]\ܘ][ۋY[[XXHX[\[ۜY[XK\Y]X[HX[Y۝Z[\˂[[H\\HY\Y[[Yۋ]ݙ[Y\\˜[[H X\\\\\˂܈]\X8$^H\BۈH[YH][YHYH\TK[Y[X\HH[YH]^[]BXY[ܘYHTH\\Y][]B[[[]X[[X[]K\[[YH[[ۙ^H[\Z\[B\ܛX[Hو[\]ܚ˂LX[[XH8$X\˚[   ̌ M LM