Network Communications News (NCN) September 2016 - Page 20

PROJECT FOCUS Scuderia Ferrari Such speed and precision requires a technology infrastructure that is up to the task. Racing ahead Ferrari and Schneider Electric have teamed up to push limits on data centre efficiency and reliability. Michael Crane races to find out more. S cuderia Ferrari is the racing team division of the world famous Ferrari sports car manufacturer. The most successful team in the history of Formula One, they having recorded 224 (and counting) race victories. The team has competed in every major world championship since 1950. Speed and precision A Formula One team is driven by a culture of innovation at the highest levels where speed is the literal key to competitive advantage. It’s a place where results are concretely measured at each Grand Prix. Formula One racing represents the pinnacle in high performance automotive racing. Competitive on all levels, from engineering to the race, there’s no room for error, downtime or delays. ‘One of the founding elements of the Ferrari experience and success is the ability to make decisions very quickly,’ says Vittoro Boero, chief information officer at Ferrari’s automotive division and its Formula One team. ‘At Ferrari we’re constantly working to push the limits, to break records.’ Such speed and precision requires a technology infrastructure that is up to the task of being both flexible and reliable. The Ferrari data centres support the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One engineers by providing the high performance computing environment necessary to adapt and adjust quickly as data is gathered in real time during races and analysed. The time given to respond to and accommodate new rules and restrictions from one competition to the next is often very short. The regulatory changes can range from technical directives during actual championship events to modifications in the car’s architecture. These changes need to be quickly reflected in Scuderia Ferrari’s working methods and IT support systems. As a result, the data centre physical infrastructure needs to be high performing, reliable, flexible and highly manageable. A data centre upgrade ‘The data centre hosts solutions and systems used by our engineers during races,’ says Antonio Tornatore, head of 20 20-21 Project Focus.indd 20 26/08/2016 15:01