Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 49

SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY THE KNOWLEDGE COMPANY SHOWCASE NETWORK Rittal Exhibiting at DatacenterDynamics 2017 The global-leading DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe Conference Find out more and Expo, at London’s old Billingsgate, will bring together some of the about Rittal world’s keenest minds to share their expertise with an international DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe audience of senior ICT and datacentre professionals. Conference and Expo Rittal will be there to highlight solutions to diverse factors confronting companies who design, install and operate Data Centres, by providing efficient, flexible and scalable solutions that are prepared for the tasks of tomorrow. The team says it will be offering a myriad of solutions to visitors, providing advice and expertise about the design and effective operation of data centres of all sizes. Visitors can explore how to build-in energy efficiency, the value of modularity, and how to future-proof projects, whether this involves installing a few racks or several hundred servers. Clive Partridge from Rittal says, “Rittal – The System is a concept that offers customers a co-ordinated approach to supporting development projects. Starting with close inspection and analysis of a customer’s requirements – which may extend to planning the entire data centre – we can then offer solutions based on precise-fit, efficient, IT-infrastructure components. These range from robust racks for server and network technology, to efficient power supply and protection, and energy-saving, climate control units.” Rittal’s s enior team will also be speaking at this year’s conference, using real-life examples to explore how working at the edges of technology can be the catalyst for invention. Visitors will be shown how, for example, in one high-density computing project, Rittal’s engineers challenged theoretical design limits, physically stressed products to the limit, and ensured resilience and security was at the forefront of all the design decisions. While not everyone will use high-density computing, the lessons learned in developing such systems will benefit any data centre director/manager, helping to reduce operating costs without compromising per formance. Find out more by getting along to the DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe Conference and Expo, November 7-8, 2017, at Old Billingsgate London, stand 20 and also on stand 7 in the OCP area. More information: Rittal 01709 704 000,, @rittal_ltd. Datto brings networking to Europe Datto, Inc., provider of total data protection solutions for businesses around the world, has announced the availability of Datto Networking for European Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Unveiled during DattoCon London event, Datto Networking is described as the most MSP-centric product line available. Datto Networking includes Wi-Fi access points, cloud managed PoE switches and a network security appliance with fully integrated unlimited 4G LTE failover – all managed in the cloud via Datto’s Partner Portal. In addition to the Datto Networking announcement, Datto revealed several updates to its backup and business continuity solutions at the event. The provider says its new introduction addresses the common challenges MSPs face when trying to deliver networking products as managed services. Created to specifically meet the unique needs of MSPs and how they work, Datto Networking offers a centrally managed, multi-tenant device view through Datto’s Partner Portal, consolidated and synchronised billing, and 24x7x365 Direct to Tech customer support. The company says Datto Networking is expected to significantly increase market opportunities for Datto partners across Europe by providing MSPs with an offering that is easy to deploy and manage while delivering great value. T h e Datto N etwo r k ing p ro d u ct l ine inc l u d e s t h e n ext ge n e rat i o n A P4 2 q ua d co re 802. 1 1 a c wave 2 a cc e s s p o int f u l l y m a n a ge d i n t h e c lou d, Datto N etwo rking Switc h e s d e s igne d to d e l ive r ro b u st L a y e r 2 mana gement features , e a s il y co nf igu re d a nd m a na ge d f ro m Dat to ’ s Par tner Por ta l a nd th e D at to N et wo r k ing A p p l ia nc e , a c l o u d m a n a ge d rou ter, firewa ll a nd Wi- F i a p p l ia nc e wit h f u l l y - inte grate d 4G LT E Inter net fa ilover. “Datto is focused on enabling our MSP partners throughout Europe to expand the services they provide,” says Andrew Stuart, managing director of Datto EMEA. “Designed from the ground up, Datto Networking products hallow the MSP for greater ease of management to ensure their customers remain highly productive.” More information: Datto Networking 0118 402 9606, Datto Networking has launched a new platform for the European market October 2017 | 49