Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 48

THE KNOWLEDGE COMPANY SHOWCASE NETWORK SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY Terrific termination technology The new IDEAL FT-45 has been created to deliver simpler, more reliable cable terminations making assembly and termination of CAT5e and CAT6 modular plugs right first time, more of the time. The ‘next generation’ modular plugs and crimp tool complement IDEAL Networks data cable testers, for a complete solution. The FT-45 package incorporates two products which together offer a new take on the traditional, time-consuming RJ45 assembly and crimping process, says the maker. The FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs are single-piece connectors, removing the need to assemble a three-piece connector, even when working with CAT6 cable. This makes terminations faster and more consistent, and makes the process for working with CAT5e and CAT6 identical. To speed up the assembly process, FT-45 installers simply need to remove an appropriate section of jacket, remove the centre spline (if present), untwist the pairs into the right order and trim the ends flat. The cable can then be slid into the connector until seated. As the wires are fed through the clear connector they can be seen, enabling installers to visually verify the correct wiring order. In addition, the open-ended feed- thru plug includes three-pin contacts, rather than the two-pins seen in many other RJ45 modular plugs. Once the wires are fed through, the user can pull the cable into the plug, allowing the twists to be pulled to the front of the connector. This provides better radio- frequency performance and minimal untwisting, while ensuring that the cable jacket is fully secured under the strain relief tab. To co mplete the p ro c e s s , t h e ins ta l l e r p l a c e s t h e a sse m b l e d p l u g i nto t h e comp a ct a nd ea s y-to - u s e F T - 45 C r im p To o l a nd s qu e eze s t h e h a n d l e to t h e c losed po s itio n. The versatile tool is capable of crimping feed-thru, standard and shielded connectors and includes 568A and 568B wiring schemes marked on the tool for IDEAL Networks has launched a ease of use. More information: IDEAL Networks 01925 444 446 new and easier way to terminate Check it out with NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 gets friendly with troublesome networks NETSCOUT has announced new features in the AirCheck G2, which allow Wi-Fi professionals to better address performance problems on wireless networks. The newest version of AirCheck G2 addresses a challenge in Wi-Fi network testing, how to determine actual network performance. By offering the ability to verify throughput and per formance, as well as detect non-802.11 interferers on the Wi-Fi network, AirCheck G2 allows wireless network professionals to determine how various impairments may impact the end-user experience. Using a Test Accessory as a performance endpoint, network performance degradations can be identified, pinpointing to the Wi-Fi access, the LAN or wide area connections. This release also provides increased efficiencies with captive portal support, allowing easy testing of guest Wi-Fi networks. “Validating the throughput on a wireless network is critical to maintaining top per formance,” says Stefan Pracht, vice president and general manager, handheld network test solutions, NETSCOUT. “These latest improvements to AirCheck G2 deliver even higher accuracy performance testing than predecessor versions.” “The latest AirCheck G2 release, without question rounds out the AirCheck G2, making it the most effective multiple purpose Wi-Fi handheld analyser on the market today,” says George Stefanick, wireless architect, Houston Methodist Hospital. “The most recent v2 additions, iPer f with the new Test Accessory and the ability to identify inter ferers, has allowed my team to be more effective troubleshooters. We no longer need to carry other devices for these tasks.” AirCheck G2 and its latest features allows IT responders to easily and accurately verify throughput and per formance of the 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac network, resulting in improved accurate troubleshooting. More Information: NETSCOUT 0203 788 4735, 48 | October 2017