Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 29

IP EXPO: PURE STORAGE The flashing blade NCN had a fascinating chat with Alex McMullan, CTO EMEA of Pure Storage at the IP Expo, as the company was highlighting the benefits of its end-to-end data platform including FlashArray, FlashBlade and its converged offering with Cisco, FlashStack. A lex explained that when the company started it had the aim to change the industry, to be genuinely disruptive and lead where others would follow. Confident in the company’s record and achievements to date, Alex clearly feels the company has done just that. Most recently, the company unveiled its newly up-dated data platforms which introduced 25 new software features designed to give companies the speed, agility and intelligence needed across increasingly complex workloads and applications. As data creation pivots from humans to machines - driven by sensors, IoT, digital cameras and connected devices, the amount of data has of course exploded. Simultaneously, the ability to analyse data has transcended human cognition, with traditional analytics giving way to AI. Pure Storage believes that these data-driven applications require a different approach. For years, Pure Storage argues that organisations have had to choose between the highest reliability (Tier 1 disk arrays) and storage purpose-built for the cloud era (modern all-flash arrays). Pure Storage wants to end the compromise and allow companies to leverage Tier 1 reliability with the innovation of rich data services, native cloud integration, and 100% NVMe flash for the fastest, future- proofed performance.   With a back-ground in banking at Barclays, Alex feels his time on the receiving end of the storage industry gave him a good insight of what companies really need, “I have seen the storage industry from both sides and know what the issues are. At Pure Storage, we wanted to fix big problems, be disruptive and set companies free so they did not talk about Alex McMullan, says Pure Storage can set clients free to concentrate on what they do next From on-line betting companies to automated cars, Pure Storage is making the future happen their storage anymore and instead could concentrate on what they do best. Ultimately our aim is to make our customers more successful, that is what we do. “We did not come in and buy our market share, you can’t do that, we have grown because we can deliver and the company now numbers 2,000 employees from launching just eight years ago.” So is there a typical Pure Storage customer ? Alex responds, “People who recognise that they need to make a change, that they are under pressure, those are the people that can see that they need us.” One example highlighted by Alex is on-line betting platform Betfair/Paddypower, which presented a classic problem of expansion as the system was չȁ́ɕɔѡ)݅́ͥЁ)ͥ́ѕѥ䁑)ѽȁɕѥ̸)̰ͅqQ䁡)ѡͥЁݽɭ́)ɽAɔMѽɅ)ѼаݔٔЁѡݕȁѼ)ɽ܁Ʌє́ɔ)ѕ̸Q љȁѕ)܁ݥѠ́䁅(̰Ʌͅѥ́ȁ͕t)Q䁅ͼݽɭ́ݥѠ)ѡ5ɍ́ɵձāѕ)ЁѼٔͅɅ)́ȁѡѕéѕ)եЁ䁅ݥЁѼ)ɕѥݡЁAɔ)MѽɅɽ٥́ѡѥ٥)Ѽٔѡ)եЁȁɴЁ݅́)ѡɽݥѠѡ̸+q ɔѡѕѼ͡)ݼɅ́եЁɽ)ɅѼɅ́ͅఃqٕ)ͥٔЁȁѡ)եи9܁ѡ䁹)Ёͥе͔t)ͼѡ)䁥́ٽٕݥѠѡ)ݽɱ$ѥձ)ѽѕ̸)hԁЁ䀰Ёٔɔ)ЁݔYټɈ)ԁЁԁɔȁԁѼذ́ѕ)@ԁɔLѼɄd́͠ )9X$$`ā́ЁոѤ)ȁЁ́ȁɽ)ѼԁЁͅԁѼٕ́)ЁɼȀĸٕ)́āԁ܁Ё͔́́)0$H́Ʉ́Ѽ؁є)4́Ʉ́ѕɽ)Ёȁ́ɔԁ͔ѼЁɅ)ԁɄЁݼȁ́ЁЁɔѡ)ԁ͔ѼݔȁЁͽ݅ɔѡ)ȁԁ́hԁЁ䃊d́Ё́)ȁ؁̸ٔ)]ѡɽЁ݅́)չMՕMȰ)ɹɕ͕ɍȁ)iե䰁ͅq͡ ɽ٥)ѡ͍䁅ȁɵ)ȁɹ)ɽЁѡ́Ց]Ѡ)́Ѽ͍ɱ)͡ ݥ܁iե)Ѽ́ɹ)ЁɴݥѠхѥ)ݕȁȁɔ̻t)չɱ̰q٥ɕ䁥)ѡȁȁ$)ɽ͕ЁѡɥЁɅє)܁Ѽٔѕ́ݡЁѡ)Ѽȁɴt)]Ѡ́ͼ̰)́хѡЁAɔMѽɅݥ)́͠ѡ)չɥ́ݡЁ́ͥ)5ɔɵѥAɔMѽɅ)ɕѽɅ)=ѽȀ܁