Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 24

PROJECT FOCUS business continuity, IT agility and end-user productivity to distributed enterprises. SteelFusion enabled Hilson Moran to remove and centralise legacy compute, storage and backup infrastructure from remote offices into its main data centres. All back-ups are now completed via the London office, and centralising services to the UK has enabled more operational control, reduced complexity and improved data security. Embedded within the SteelFusion Edge platform, Riverbed SteelHead technology optimises the wide area network (WAN), which accelerates application delivery and reduces bandwidth use. In addition, Riverbed SteelHead Mobile extends optimisation for staff working outside of the office to ensure they can be equally productive, regardless of location. “Thanks to the Riverbed solution, stage one of our 10-year plan is now complete,” says Lee. 24 | October 2017 “With Riverbed SteelFusion, Hilson Moran’s IT infrastructure is now centralised at the London head office. The Riverbed solution has positively impacted cost, culture and morale.” According to Hilson Moran, SteelFusion has made a number of positive impacts: I mproved network efficiency by as much as 80% S trengthened data security and backup at a fraction of the estimated budget R educed strain on IT team with improved branch support, freeing time to support new projects E ncouraged greater collaboration and remote working Lee adds, “We’re looking at a more remote workforce, becoming a paperless office and greater use of the cloud. The successful completion of stage one of our 10-year strategy, with the support of Riverbed, gives us a platform on which to build.” Lee Beckford, head of IT, Hilson Moran, is pleased with the company’s new IT agility Riverbed’s aim is to deliver solutions to help companies transition from legacy hardware to a new software-defined and cloud-centric approach to networking, improving end user experience and allowing enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives to reach their full potential. Riverbed says its integrated platform delivers the agility, visibility, and performance businesses need to be successful in a cloud and digital world. By leveraging Riverbed’s platform, organisations can deliver apps, data, and services from any public, private, or hybrid cloud across any network to any end-point. Riverbed SteelFusion solution is designed to enable a software- defined edge by bringing together best-of-breed virtualisation, intelligent storage caching, and WAN optimisation into a single ‘hyper-converged’ infrastructure solution that meets both the needs of the enterprise as well as the needs of branch employees for high-performing Ɩ6F0FB6ǒv&6FW6FFV"'26vBFW2VRfVV0FR7B&W76fR'BbFPG&6f&FVR62( &fW&&VB7FVVgW6w26&Ff'GVƗ6P&VFR666W'fW'2FFPFF6VG&R&VFRFFBƖ6F2&Rr6G&V@6VG&ǒVr'&6B6&P66VBWBFvvVVVFVBvFWBFRVVBf"&VFRB7FfbBbF2266Ɨ6VBvPF֗6rƖ6FW&f&6Pf"W6W'2BV66FR( F2FFR6WF7FvPRbW"זV"2p6WFRvF7FVVgW66&( 2Bg&7G'V7GW&R2p6VG&Ɨ6VBBFRFV@ff6R7Ffb6v&WBbFPff6R6FR"vF6ƖVBvP6fRFFf7FW"BvF&R&W6ƖV6RWfV6F0vFF'&F&B7FVVĆV@&Rw27FfbF66W70FRfW2FWVVB7F0FR6FR"vF6ƖVB6FV&R7FVB&6FPff6R6VG&Ɨ6FV&V@'7FVVgW6V2v^( &Rv&rfbFRFW7BfW2( Ф&Rf&F666&fW&&VBwwr&fW&&VB6