Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 22

PROJECT FOCUS As strong as steel Networking specialist, Riverbed has delivered a new level of agility for global engineering consultancy, Hilson Moran, to improve efficiency and strengthen the company’s data security via the company’s SteelFusion platform. L ee Beckford, head of IT, Hilson Moran, explains, “We need IT to deliver the solutions that allow our engineers to do their job effectively. My priority is to safeguard our data, to keep it safe and to keep it accessible. “We have a 10-year plan to transform Hilson Moran’s approach to IT. The plan is in three stages, 22 | October 2017 with the ultimate goal of moving everything to the cloud. This first step is to centralise our IT infrastructure at the London office. We want zero-branch IT. “Centralisation allows us to refresh hardware, address support issues (particularly to remote offices) and improve the back-up and restoration of data. Qatar and UAE, for instance, have a Sunday- Thursday working week, so it is essential that we can fix issues from the UK on a Sunday. Also, data back-ups were not being done as rigorously as required.” Lee adds, “For centralisation to work, we needed maximum efficiency from the Hilson Moran network, in order to allow staff to be highly mobile and to be able to work from anywhere. We