Network Communications News (NCN) October 2017 - Page 12

ON THE CASE LOCAL COUNCIL BECOMES A LEADING LIGHT FOR CLOUD SERVICES Ci ty of Wo l verha mpton C o u nc il b o a s t s one of the publ ic s ector ’ s m o s t advanced clo ud ba s ed IT s y s te m s , af te r ap po intin g a utomat io n s p e c ia l is t Powe rON to maximis e it s u s e of Mi c rosof t Sys tem Cente r a nd l a u nc h an i nnovative M icros of t A z u re H y b r id C lou d m o del. Keen to automate more IT tools, enabling the pro-active monitoring of hardware and streamline software distribution, the council, with an existing Microsoft-centric system, invested in Microsoft System Centre. Ensuring that the system will be utilised to its full potential, PowerON, a high-quality IT management and cloud automation specialist, was enlisted to help. PowerON , s ince creat ing a su cc e s sful bes po ke Clo u d M a na ge m e nt A ppli an ce (CM A) with ex te ns ive management ca pa bil iti e s fo r t h e cou nci l, is now replicating t h e s o l u t io n blu epr i nt at a n umber of ot h e r au t hor i ties in a rea s s uc h a s S u f fo l k , H ou nslow, Ba rn s l ey a n d Wir ra l . Steve Beaumont, product development director at PowerON and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, explains, “We have a solid reputation for the quality and simplicity of our ser vice, as well as offering an assured outcome to our customers, which really resonated with City of Wolverhampton Council. Like many public-sector organisations, the council is under pressure to make its budgets go as far as possible and was facing challenges with legacy systems. “Using Microsoft Hyper-V provided flexibility between on-premises and cloud computing resources and when this was combined with the reliability and security of Azure, as well as our unique CMA, it created an unrivalled solution. This is complemented by a hybrid cloud system with the flexing of infrastructure services across on- premises and Azure for key scenarios. We then also incorporated Operations Management Suite for cloud backup, disaster recovery and log analytics, as well as Enterprise Mobility Suite for hybrid management of mobile devices.” Paul Dunlavey, enterprise manager at City of Wolverhampton Council, adds, “PowerON thrives on being agile and flexible which made them the ideal partner for this large-scale project. They made the adoption of the cloud an easy process and the speed it took to build the infrastructure, which had been a barrier to adopting these technologies in the past, resulted in major cost savings against our initial forecast of how long it would take do in-house. Ultimately it has transformed the way the whole council works.” Following the completion of the project, City of Wolverhampton Council was named Local Authority of the Year at the prestigious Municipal Journal (MJ) Awards 2017, which described the organisation as an ‘outstanding example of modern local government where the resident is at the heart of sound commercial decision-making.’ More information: PowerON 0800 3029280, ALM ‘a small device with a lot of potential’ Designed to transform the fibre monitoring network, ADVA Optical Networking has deployed its new innovative technology, ALM. Installed in the municipality of Apex, Carolina, the in-service monitoring equipment has already made a significant impact to Apex’s existing network, providing real- time insights into the towns optical transport infrastructure. As well as providing complete network assurance, enabling fibre breaks to be rapidly repaired with minimal disruption, ALM, unlike other test equipment, has been engineered to utilise plug- and-play simplicity, says the maker. Specifically developed to combat customer frustrations, the technology boasts an array of operator benefits such as, ease of use and intuitive GUI, readily pinpointing operators to exact areas of fault. Garnering industry recognition winning a Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award jointly with Verizon Partner Solutions, and aiming to launch in 10 more locations by the end of 2017, ADVA Optical Networking are confident this ‘ultimate’ fibre monitoring solution will soon dramatically change 12 | October 2017 networks and the lives of people who depend on them. Erika Sacco, director, IT/GIS, Apex accentuated the enormity of this industry first innovation saying, “Essential public amenities depend on rapid reporting and information exchange. For services like policing, firefighting and wastewater management, reliable, high-speed connections could not be more critical. That’s why we’re leveraging the assurance of ADVA Optical Networking’s ALM fiber monitoring solution. “Fibre is only as useful as it is available; being alerted to any damage in real time enables us to take action even before a break happens. That means excellent service availability and major budget savings. What’s more, it makes our processes far more environmentally friendly. We’re currently monitoring six key fiber pairs and will be including ten more locations before the end of 2017. Over the next few years, we’ll expand the scope even further and the advantages will increase.” More information: AVDA Optical Networking 01904 692 700,