Network Communications News (NCN) October 2016 - Page 5

editorial COLUMN ... Russell Drury Interim editor sue During my time relatively short time in the industry I have packed in quite a few data centre tours (another one coming up next week). Being completely new to the industry when I began here six years ago I didn’t have a great deal of knowledge of what a data centre actually did. However, thanks to the huge advancements in IT, the ‘average Joe’ is becoming more aware of their presence and purpose. On page Jack BedellPearce of 4D identifies data centres as the ‘unsung heroes’ of the tech revolution. They are perhaps not always the most interesting pieces of architecture (inside and out), but as the world gradually cottons on to the reality that it couldn’t function without them, I am sure their praises will be sung soon enough. t is W elcome to the October issue of Network Communications News. Following the former editor Michael Crane’s recent departure for pastures new, I ]H\Y[8&XYHB\8&H[ݙ\YHH^\Bو\Y\وӋYHXY\›X^H[XYHۛYH\BY]܈وӸ&\X[X]H]B[H][H]Hو\B\Y[YH\\\[Y]܈܂\XX][ۋHXX[X]\H\[۝\\ۈ]\[]\]H]Z[YۈYH ]X\]\[[\[Y\X[YH]ܚ™X\Y\ܚ][H][]YBو S[\H[\وB]\]\[]\ۈBX\]ۈYH ^\[B[\BY\][‰\X[\][ۂHݙ[X\\YHو]ܚ[][X][ۜ“][۝Z[HXZ܈X]\HۈY\][ \X[\][ۈ\[\]Y[\[HوX]\\[]][\˂][\\HHXZ܈\XH[B\Z[]HX[\X[B\Y\HY\[H[H]ܚX[š[\X\H[[\[Yܘ]ܜ[[\\˂XZH\H[H۸&]Z\Bܝ[]HY\\H[\X\^\]HXY\\ [[\Hۈ M M܂[XZ[[\P[[YYX[ B HY]ܚX[ [ B L ̌ M LNL‚