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ESSENTIAL SELECTION Every corner Qualcomm Technologies has collaborated with Netgear to develop the new Orbi Triband Wi-Fi system by Netgear. Designed to deliver high speed Wi-Fi in every corner of the home, the Orbi Tri-band Wi-Fi system is a mesh Wi-Fi system that utilises QTI’s tri-radio 802.11ac chipsets, and the full suite of Wi-Fi Self-Organising Network (SON) technologies designed to offer outstanding Wi-Fi performance and simplicity. The Orbi Tri-band Wi-Fi system was built via the collaboration between Netgear and QTI. QTI’s tri-band Wi-Fi chipset utilises three Wi-Fi radios to create a dedicated wireless backhaul connection between the Orbi Router and Orbi Satellites. The system also leverages QTI’s Wi-Fi SON software to help simplify the Wi-Fi set up process and to optimise the network to eliminate congestion, bottlenecks and dead zones. The combination of QTI and Netgear technology has resulted in high performance Wi-Fi in virtually every corner of the home. For further information visit: High-Tek The NaviTek NT Plus and Pro network testers from Ideal Networks have received a number of time saving updates to help technicians carry out network troubleshooting and maintenance on both copper and fibre cable even more efficiently. Compact and hand held, NaviTek NT network testers are designed to help technicians quickly pinpoint and solve issues and offer fast detection of link and IP information, as well as the ability to detect services like ISDN, POTS and Power over Ethernet. To make initial testing quicker and simpler, a test mode selection has been introduced to the start screen allowing users to easily choose between autodetect, cable, switch and network, reducing auto detection time by up to 13 seconds. The discovery time for port identification after plugging into a network has also been reduced by up to 80 per cent. Now taking a maximum of five seconds, this has increased productivity significantly particularly during testing. In addition, the time taken for the NetScan function (which detects number of connected devices in the network sorted by IP and MAC address) has been significantly reduced, boosting on site troubleshooting efficiency. NetScan can now be done in under four seconds when using IPv4. For further information visit: Light work Fluke Networks FI-500 is a fibre video inspection probe with an integrated flashlight to make it easy for network installers to inspect fibres in today’s crowded fibre patch panels. Fluke Networks’ PortBright feature, coupled with autofocus and large, high contrast display, make the FI-500 an essential scope for fibre technicians operating in dense, low light environments. Dirty fibre optic end faces are a major source of problems in singlemode and multimode fibre optic systems. The FI-500 lets technicians quickly determine if end faces are contaminated or damaged, and it is positioned between simple analog scopes and high priced, automated video models. The FI-500 provides illumination to help the user locate the right fibre or port in dark or crowded panels, plus a rugged liquid lens technology for fast autofocus. Controls on the probe enable one-handed operation, including a pause button which freezes the image, making it easier to inspect difficult-to-reach places or to see when the image just won’t stand still. For further information visit: Health product R&M has launched a special line for health institutions. The new outlets and patch cords have antibacterial properties. Their plastic parts are resistant to germs and bacteria in compliance with ISO22196. The R&MhealthLine range is suitable for patient rooms and similar deployment areas which have an inherent risk of infection. R&MhealthLine offers a consistent and complete range for network equipment in environments reserved for patients and people requiring care. It comprises outlets with RJ-45 sockets, shielded and unshielded patch cords for connecting computers, multimedia, communication and medical devices, as well as shutters and coding elements from the R&M security system. R&MhealthLine products are just as easy to install and operate as standard products. They are compatible with the modular cabling system R&Mfreenet that covers all areas of structured building cabling. For further information visit: 32 32-33 Essential Selection.indd 32 03/10/2016 14:02