Network Communications News (NCN) October 2016 - Page 29

switches & routers Mix and match The EnGenius Neutron Series of Wi-Fi products is now offered in a cost effective, centrally managed configuration. The EnGenius Neutron solution of wireless management switches and access points can be mixed and matched to create ideal wireless connectivity solutions for hotels, schools and universities. The Neutron Series Wi-Fi controllers combine management, Power over Ethernet and switch functionality into a single rack mountable 1U case. Small systems with up to 20 access points can be designed around a single central managed switch, and for larger sites requiring hundreds, or even thousands, of access points multiple switch controllers can be grouped using the EZ Master Cloud Solution. This is a scalable solution for operations that occupy large properties and that need to deploy, monitor, and manage numerous EnGenius Neutron Wireless access points from one simple and accessible browser based software platform. Neutron switches can support any small number of Neutron wireless access points to several hundred depending on the number of EWS switches in the network. Both indoor and outdoor access point options are available. The EnGenius Neutron series has no additional licence fees. For further information visit: S P E C I A L F E AT U R E Release the hounds Belden has announced the newest industrial Ethernet switch from Hirschm