Network Communications News (NCN) October 2016 - Page 28

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E switches & routers A different corner Over the past decade Veracity has provided solutions for many projects where the calculated 100m on the flat plan has turned a sharp corner in reality, and the real distance has turned out to be significantly longer. By using Veracity’s Outreach, a small form product suite consisting of simple connect-and-go, PoE powered, two-port switches the network connection can be restored every 100m and the full 200Mbit/s bandwidth of 100Base-T Ethernet is maintained across the entire link. If an Ethernet only extension is required, the Outreach Lite does not forward PoE and doubles the distance to 200m; or, if you require PoE as well, then the Outreach Max which will enable you to daisychain your Ethernet with no loss of network bandwidth. Whilst up to 70W of PoE can be forwarded depending on the standard used, limits will depend on the PoE source and on how much power the IP camera or other device requires. Completing the innovative range, Outreach Lite XT and Outreach Max XT both provide an IP66 rated version for exterior installations and with a low 1.3W consumed per unit, each product within the Outreach suite provides a very effective solution for hard-wire Ethernet extensions to reach remote estate locations. For further information visit: Top security The new generation of wienet v3 industrial routers have been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75°C. The input voltage range from 10 DC to 60V DC also enables a PoE (Power over Ethernet) option. wienet v3 industrial routers can access the Internet via LAN, WLAN, or mobile and the latest LTE chipset provides maximum bandwidth for mobile operation. Highly encrypted VPN connections ensure top security for transmitted data, whilst automatic back up connections to the Internet secure trouble free operation. These industrial routers are equipped with a high performance ARM CPU with 256MB flash and 512MB RAM and offer up to five ethernet ports for one to three networks, one USB 2.0 host, one SD card slot, two digital inputs and one digital output, in addition to three antenna ports: Main, DIV, GPS and WIFI (optional). Designed for use in the fields of mechanical engineering, logistics, electrical engineering and energy production, wienet v3 industrial routers also feature an energy saving mode that can be activated for use in low power applications. For further information visit: IT infrastructure from smallest to largest. ENCLOSURES it_engl_engl_qr_420x105_2014.indd 1 28-30 S&R Products.indd 28 POWER DISTRIBUTION CLIMATE CONTROL 03/10/2016 14:02