Network Communications News (NCN) October 2016 - Page 26

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E switches & routers Smart decision Paul Routledge of D-Link explains how to use smart switches to make company networks easier to manage, and to enable businesses applications to flow. R unning a successful business requires focus on the things that deliver a long term advantage; providing a great service, being more agile than your competition, and creating a unique product or service. As it grows, this focus on the core business may mean that the technology underpinning the operation can drop off the radar - until it becomes a problem. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of not being able to connect to a website, send an email, or enter an order, knows that some technology investments, such as a company network, have a direct impact on the ability of the business to function effectively. This is particularly true as we shift to cloud based technology, where a reliable connection is essential to productivity and real time trading Even in a business that has not made the shift to cloud, reviewing network connectivity can pay dividends in efficiency and effectiveness. Slow file transfers or unresponsiveness of on premise applications are common employee complaints for businesses that have grown or adopted new technologies since their last networking review. A smarter network is a more efficient one and many businesses are starting to see the benefits of using ‘smart switches’ to make this a reality. With the increase in business applications and bandwidth hungry data, a cost effective solution is required to provide a technology driven network. So, what are smart switches? Smart switches are the next generation in data connectivity, management and performance; they essentially automate much of the functional control and on going configuration needed for an effective, reliable business network. With many of the same benefits as a fully managed switch, but without the complexity or cost, smart switches are designed to make network maintenance much simpler and minimise the time spent configuring, especially with limited on site IT skills and resources. A number of other benefits smart switches offer are a \\]ܚ LؑHܝH[[ۘ[]KT\ܝ T\Z[[H]][[ۜ[ܙY[XHXXZH\H\[ܙBYX]KHX\]ܚHY[˜H^Y\و[[Y[۝B]ܚ[X[YHܝXX[\\H]]X]Y[[ܚ]\Y XY[H\\\][ۂو[H\Y\˂\[X\]\š[\[\”X\]\[]]X]HB[ܚ]\][ۈوY X[[B]ܚ]\HوY X[][ܚ]KX\[XZ[܈XHY X™[\HY]X[]H[[]\YBY[ۙ\[[]][›\Y Xܚ]X[\X][ۜ8$[\[H[[HY [\\و\X][ۜB[XZ[ ԓH[X[[\[\X\][]]X][ۈ[\Yۂ\HY[HY[[]\Y\ٝ\H\H\XH XTK\H\H\[\ܚ]X[\X][ۜœ\Y[]YHوH\[x&\›]ܚˈ[Hۛ[H܈ٝ\H[B[ۛ[K]\[\[[Bۈ[\\]\܈\\\]Z\\B]ܚ[^\[\[[XXBX\]ٝ\KX\]\\XX[HB] LYX]ۛX]]K[[\Bۜ\[ [[\\YۛX]]B\H\X][ۜ]]HYY܈UY[\[HY[][\ܛۙ\H][H] [X[YK[ܙX\[[Y[X[[ݚY[HYB[XXH LYX]]ܚˈ[H\Bو[[Y\[HHX\][[œݚYH]ܚ[\\Y[\]Y\[ݚYHXYۛX\ܝUY\[\\\H[^\Y[[ܙB۝Z\]ܚ\\[[]]XB\وHY]\][ۈوHܚXK]\]8&\[T\Z[[H\[K][و[H\[\]™\X\ۙ\܈Y[˜ۙ\[H\[\˂X\]\[ݙ\\œ\H[[ZX[HY\[Y X˜[ۛX[ۈX[Y[Y[B]H[\[H\وX]B]X\ۈH]ܚ˂H[[ۈ؛[H^\Y[YXܛ]ܚ܈X[[YY][B\[\\\Y Xݙ\Y܈BZ[\H[ܚ]\HY XˈHX\][[]X]H\H؛[\[[\HHۜ\[]X[]Hو\XH\›XZ[Z[YXܛT[Y[][[\H; [\\H[][[[\BZ[ۛYY [ٙ\Y܂XY\XܛH]ܚ˂H[{ ]وX\]\•HXZ܈[{ ]و\[X\]\\]H]ܚ\]XX\Y\\K[\YܙH\˜HYX[H[قۙ\\ ۛH\]X\]\ݚYH\[ܙH[\\ق ^X[]H[[X[]K]HX[]BܙX]H\X[X\X[\YX[\ܘYHH]ܚ›YY]H[X[XYۈ] Lɔ8$ S[˚[ L ̌ M L΍M‚