Network Communications News (NCN) November 2016 - Page 16

F E AT U R E PDUs When to PDU, that is the question Clive Merrell of PDU Online explains the importance of purchasing a proper PDU. T here are some that think that power distribution units (PDUs) are just another fancy extension socket. The reality is however that PDUs are often required to be fitted, powered up and left 24/7 for several years in many cases under varying loads and conditions. The build specification between the two types of product should therefore reflect the difference in use. Furthermore, the nature of the procurement and supply chains often involved means that should a problem occur then it is not only a problem to you but also to your customer and, very often, your customer’s customer. When I buy a shirt for £10 and it lasts only three washes it’s a salutary reminder of the truism you get what you pay for. But can you take that risk with a PDU? Many PDUs are protecting personal data, business transactions, indeed people’s livelihoods depend upon them when sitting in data cabinets the length and the breadth of the land. A failure on one of these units has far wider implications than just your extension socket not working on Sunday when you want to vacuum the car. The British company behind PDU Online has been manufacturing for over 45 years, discreetly developing its business over the period via the electrical trade and the OEM market. Price is always important in any commercial transaction but on commodities such as PDUs it should take its place alongside quality, reliability, specification, service and delivery. Whilst global sourcing is a reality in most manufacturing businesses PDU Online, based in the Midlands, have actively mapped out its supply chain to try and buy locally and by its central location minimise its environmental impact where possible. Buying from trusted local partners and operating a Quality System to ISO9001:2008 PDU Online can demonstrate a commitment to quality 16 16-17 – PDUs – Brencham.indd 16 01/11/2016 14:55