Network Communications News (NCN) NCN-Sept2017 - Page 9

INDUSTRY NEWS SolarWinds survey reveals depth of IT pro responsibilities in the enterprise SolarWinds has announced the findings of its Little-Known Facts survey, which reveal that IT professionals tend to go above and beyond the scope of their core responsibilities as the changing business landscape demands more of their attention, both inside and outside of the office. The survey coincided with IT Professionals Day, which is observed on the third Tuesday of every September (September 19, 2017), to emphasise the need for greater appreciation for IT professionals and the critical role they play in modern business and the lives of nearly all technology end-users. Joseph Kim, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SolarWinds, said, ‘Without a doubt, today’s IT professionals are the backbone of the modern enterprise. ‘By understanding and knowing our own IT professionals, we can better appreciate them.’ Joseph added, ‘In 2016, we found that IT is everywhere, and end-users were expanding IT beyond the traditional four walls of their organisations. This required IT professionals to adopt an ‘always-on’ mentality; this year’s key findings highlight that the trend continues, with IT pros per forming their core IT responsibilities, in addition to dedicating time to educate end-users and business leaders, problem-solving for senior executives, and keeping their organisations secure from the threat of security breaches.’ For further information visit: Challenging the Edge: The “Data Centre in a Box” concept enables equipment to be deployed in non-traditional Data Centre environments. „ „ „ „ IT INFRASTRUCTURE TS-IT rack platform Demand-orientated climate control System monitoring Intelligent power rails SOFTWARE & SERVICES