Network Communications News (NCN) NCN-Sept2017 - Page 34

FIBRE OPTIC & COPPER CABLING De-skilling critical if Europe is to hit fibre installation targets Colin Kirkpatrick, Emtelle’s international business development director, says if Europe is to achieve its goal of a Digital Single Market by 2020, then installation of new fibre optic networks needs to be as pain-free as possible. E urope has taken a bold step towards creating a digital society which is inclusive for all, both as individuals and as businesses. It has clearly defined its objectives and the steps that need to be taken. We welcome this approach and know only too well the benefits ubiquitous high-speed 34 | September 2017 broadband can bring but it can only be achieved by the mass roll- out of optical fibre. This in turn can only be completed in the targeted time frames by finding innovative ways of making fibre faster, simpler and cheaper to deploy. The ability to speed up the deployment of fibre will be key to the achievement of the European Union’s Digital Agenda, part of its Europe 2020 Strategy. The Digital Agenda’s main objective is to develop a digital single market which will generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. This includes encouraging more and better connectivity for citizens and businesses by promoting fast