Network Communications News (NCN) May 2017 - Page 38

IP SECURITY Wisenet X’s eXtreme performance IP cameras for any lighting environment Pelco by Schneider Electric has launched the Sarix range of enhanced IP cameras in fixed bullet, box and dome configurations. Designed for demanding mainstream applications, products in the Sarix range feature Pelco’s exclusive SureVision 3.0 technology that delivers wide dynamic range (WDR) performance for the most challenging lighting environments. The Sarix IP cameras feature an enhanced WDR of 130 dB, advanced low light performance with full colour down to 0.05 lux, anti-bloom technology, 3D noise filtering and enhanced tone mapping for colour accuracy. Sarix IP cameras also feature pre-loaded analytics on every model, including: abandoned object, intrusion detection, camera sabotage, wrong direction, loitering detection, object counting, object removal, and stopped vehicle. The analytics can be remotely enabled and configured, and are compatible with Pelco VMS as well as third party VMS partners that support Pelco’s open API. Additional key features include: high frame rate operation of up to 60 fps (or 30 fps with WDR enabled) to capture fast-moving events at full resolution; and optional IR illumination which enables operation in complete darkness (0.0 lux) at distances up to 30m (approximately 100ft). For further information visit: 38 | May 2017 Hanwha Techwin says its new Wisenet X cameras series is supercharged by the most power ful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range. The chipset uses an all-new architecture to enable faster processing, which the company says means you get the best video per formance just as you need it. The new two and five megapixel H.265 Wisenet X cameras feature the latest advances in video surveillance technology much of which is unique to Hanwha Techwin, to provide practical real life benefits to users and a competitive edge to the company’s business partners. Tim Biddulph, head of product and solutions at Hanwa Techwin Europe, said: ‘Wisenet X cameras have been designed with the user in mind. They are equipped to deliver a supercharged per formance with twice as fast video processing than you would expect in high definition cameras, complete with three times more memory to handle enhanced on- board video and audio analytics. ‘All Wisenet X cameras feature H.265 compression and WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99 per cent compared to current H.264 technology, when WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression.’ For further information visit: Mobotix camera system first to support new standard Mobotix has started production of its new Mx6 6MP camera line with the outdoor dual cameras M16, D16, S16 and V16. In terms of their outer appearance, these models look exactly the same as the x15 cameras (which are still available); all the innovations in these new cameras have been made to the mainboard and camera software. Mobotix says the Mx6 cameras use a new, more power ful CPU that delivers up to twice as many images per second – at the same resolution. For example, they deliver up to 34 frames per second in full HD. The new camera line is not only faster, but also has more capacity for software applications such as 3D motion analysis and license plate capture in the camera. Regular software updates ensure that the performance of the intelligent camera system continually improves. This makes the Mx6 camera system a smart investment, the company says. Mx6 cameras also offer basic functions in keeping with ONVIF, a global open interface standard. The next firmware update will achieve complete ONVIF compatibility. The new Mx6 camera system is far more flexible and higher performing, thanks to RTSP/ Multicast. Multicast enables simultaneous camera access for any number of users without reducing the frame rate. For further information visit: