Network Communications News (NCN) May 2017 - Page 37

IP SECURITY EnGenius adds access point with integrated IP camera Zyxel launches VPN firewall for multi-site, growing businesses EnGenius has introduced an addition to its Neutron Solution in the form of an access point with integrated two megapixel IP camera. The Neutron Mesh Surveillance System is a dual-functional 11ac managed wWireless access point with mesh capabilities and an integrated 2-MP IP camera featuring night vision and email alerts.  Available from distributor Solwise, this space saving hybrid offers one installation for both an access point and an IP camera, simplifying wiring with self-healing mesh networking and management via controller or the ezMaster Network Management Software. Solwise says the Neutron Mesh Surveillance System is the first of its kind, merging the capabilities of both an IP camera and a high speed wireless access point. The company says the system improves deployment options and the IP camera’s performance by combining technologies. Ideal for overcoming installation wiring hurdles in retrofit applications, the system utilises wireless mesh to optimise connections automatically between multiple EWS1025CAMS and other supported Neutron devices. The EWS1025CAM can also be used as a stand alone access point/camera.  For further information visit: OnSSI’s Ocularis partners with S2 NetBox OnSSI says it is continually evolving the Ocularis platform to deliver higher levels of performance and value. The integration of OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.3 with S2 Security Corporation’s NetBox software Version 4.9.08 allows the users to bring Ocularis video and events into the S2 NetBox platform. Mulli Diamant, OnSSI’s vice president of international business development, said: ‘The integration of Ocularis and NetBox software provides a highly integrated and intelligent video surveillance and access control management platform for myriad applications. ‘Experienced partners like S2 Security allow us to provide more holistic security solutions to our respective bases of new and established customers.’ S2 NetBox series products are full featured, web based enterprise access control and event monitoring systems capable of supporting up to 7,000 portals. Core features include person record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation and reporting. The new Ocularis 5 Mobile provides comprehensive alert and event processing with the ability to stream live video via a mobile device to Ocularis, and the ability to track mobile operators’ physical locations using GPS mapping. Keeping business data safe can be tough enough for just one location, but as businesses grow, the complexity of keeping data secure multiplies. Zyxel Communications has introduced the USG2200-VPN, a premium VPN firewall to offer businesses an end-to-end solution to centrally build and manage secured communications between multiple sites/offices. Designed for medium sized businesses with multiple locations, the USG2200-VPN is integrated with VPN concentrator technology to handle large quantities of VPN connections (up to 3000 VPN tunnels) between branch offices, partner offices, telecommuters, BYODs in offices, and employees on the move with an extra layer of data and network security. B ot h i n co mi n g a n d o u t goi n g co m mu n i c at i o n s a re p rote cted b y the l ate st S HA - 2 e n c r y pt i o n , w hi ch makes b u si n e ss i nfo r mat i o n a ssets harder to c ra c k . For growing businesses, network security cannot afford to stop. The USG2200-VPN features a ‘plan B’ design to keep it running 24/ 7. The multi-layer HA Pro design spans across hardware, connectivity, and VPN service, including hot-swappable power and fan modules; multi-WAN load-balancing/failover; and VPN High Availability to ensure nearly zero service downtime. Nathan Yen, assistant vice president at Zyxel Commercial Gateway Business Centre, said: ‘As businesses keep growing, network security needs to scale up and catch up the pace. This is where the USG2200-VPN comes in – it’s the key to completing our end-to-end, multi- site security solution.’ For further information visit: For further information visit: May 2017 | 37