Network Communications News (NCN) May 2017 - Page 18

ADVERTISEMENT Custom LSZH Pre-Terminated Fibre – Fast - Tested - Ready to go W ho has the time or money to terminate cables in the field? Cabling engineers, IT professionals, resellers, integrators and infrastructure contractors have got more important things to do. Save a lot of trouble and eliminate all performance Advantage #2: Quick-Turn Manufacturing Quick turn manufacturing can get you a pre-terminated fibre assembly within two to four days. Pre-terminated fibre is great to help meet short project deadlines and increase the overall speed of deployment. Eliminate 3rd party suppliers and go to THE SOURCE. worries with custom LSZH pre- terminated cables from Black Box. You’ll get top-quality fibre cable that’s built to your exact specs, fully tested, and shipped ready for installation. Here are the top five advantages of using Black Box’ pre-terminated fibre: Advantage #1: Lower Total Cost Our studies have shown that a pre- terminated fibre assembly can reduce overall installation costs by 50% (or more). By realising termination efficiencies and eliminating rework, eliminating transmission testing, and the need for termination equipment and consumables, pre-terminated fibre can drastically reduce the overall cost of installation. Advantage #3: Faster Deployments Cut installation time and labour costs by 70% to 80% with pre-terminated fibre. Because it arrives ready to work, deployments are as easy as plug-and- play. Advantage #4: Proven Per formance Mission critical fibre optic networks require the highest level of care when it comes to cable assembly. Field terminations often compromise the overall quality of the cable because of poor air quality, inefficient end face polishing, and poor cleaning and testing protocol. Pre-terminated fibre assemblies are manufactured in a clean room and go through a series of NO MORE LOOSE ENDS PRE-TERMINATED LSZH FIBRE Save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Get top-quality fibre cables that are built to your exact specs, fully tested, and shipped ready for installation. We’ll take care of the loose ends so you can t ake care of business. Try the new configurator at 18 | May 2017 inspections, including multiple end-face inspections and certification to specific insertion loss/return loss thresholds. Advantage #5: Limitless Options Get exactly what you want. Just specify the cable type (indoor, indoor/ outdoor or zipcord), core (OM1-4 or OS2), connector (LC, SC, ST or E2000), strand count (2-24), breakouts, labeling, if you want, a pulling eye, and the exact cable length. If you’re planning a data centre upgrade, consider trying pre- terminated fibre from Black Box. Learn more, configure and generate a quote within seconds, at