Network Communications News (NCN) May 2017 - Page 17

ON THE CASE ADTRAN advances Gigabit Society with latest innovations ADTRAN has announced that it has conducted the first public demonstration of the ITU-T’s two G. FAST ACCESS TO SUBSCRIBER TERMINAL most recent advancements, 212MHz and coordinated dynamic time allocation. KEY PART OF BROADBAND TOOLKIT These advances enable the delivery of symmetric Gigabit ser vices over a single copper pair, SUPER-VECTORING VECTORED VDSL2 G.FAST mitigating the need to bond multiple pairs of copper. For the first time, ser vice providers can use a single technology to easily extend business class ADVANCING THE GIGABIT SOCIETY Gigabit speeds over 2013 2015 2017 Future existing wiring. Ronan Kelly, ADRAN’s chief technical officer for EMEA and APAC, said: ‘Advancements in consumer electronics and applications continue to drive consumer bandwidth demands in the direction of Gigabit broadband. At the same time, governments around the world are increasingly recognising that much of their future competitiveness will come in the form of digital innovation. ‘They are implementing policies encouraging investments in telecommunications technologies that enable the vision of a Gigabit Society, which will underpin their digital competitiveness strategies.’ G.FAST High frequencies: 106 -212 MHz Y Up to 1.8 Gbps* over copper or coax Ideal for loop lengths under 1.5kft (450m) Faster time-to-market for Gigabit services 10x higher fiber asset utilization Lower cost per subscriber connection Leading Option for Gigabit Society Goals For Mid-Length Ultrafast Services Best for Long Loop Deployments Up to 1.8 Gbps; 0 - 1,500 ft. (450 m) 300 - 600 Mbps; 0 - 2,000 ft. (600 m) 100 - 200 Mbps; 0 - 3,000 ft. (900 m) (Door/wall mount) Distribution Point Customer Reverse Power Option Street Cabinet High-Density MDU (Cabinet) Span Power Option Local Power Option Medium-Density MDU (In-building) Submersible G.Fast ONU ILL547B • Single twisted pair • Up to 500 Mbps • Gigabit with pair bonding • Copper or coax • Under 1,000 ft. (300 m) For further information visit: IT INFRASTRUCTURE 1Gbps Single-Family Unit (SFU) (Pedestal Point) Central Office/ Exchange Garden-Style Apartments • Gigabit single pair • Symmetric broadband • Up to 1,500 ft. (450 m) Symmetric Broadband Flexible Power - Network, Local, Customer Open, Cloud-based Management • Multi-Gigabit • Full-duplex • Extended reach InfiNet Wireless provides superfast bandwidth for leading ISP in Lebanon I nf i Net W i re l e ss h a s a n n o u n c e d t h at Con n ect, Le b a n o n ’ s p re mi e r I nte r n et se r v i c e p rov i der ( I S P ) , h a s se l e cte d I nf i Net W i re l e ss s oluti on s to se r ve a s t h e b a c k b o n e of i t s n ew wi reles s n et wo r k i nf ra st r u ct u re . The upgraded platform will allow Connect to meet the zero-downtime, high bandwidth demands of premium residential and enterprise customers across the country, while at the same time significantly reducing maintenance and service costs. Jubran El Ayan, RF manager at Connect, said: ‘We are using our WiMAX Network on the 2.3GHz frequency band, to serve residential customers. ‘While we are able to meet the standard bandwidth requirements of most of our residential customers, some of our premium residential and corporate customers such as banks and retail outlets, required higher bandwidth.’ For a number of its most critical and strategic locations, Connect opted to deploy the InfiLINK XG, which is capable of reaching a peak net throughput of 500Mbps in 40MHz of spectrum and more than 130Mbps in only 10MHz. Working directly with the InfiNet team, Connect deployed in excess of 30 base stations and 250 subscriber terminals across Lebanon in just a few months. For further information visit: SOFTWARE & SERVICES