Network Communications News (NCN) May 2017 - Page 10

TALKING POINT How to avoid being lost in the IoT explosion Jordan O’Connor, technical lead, EMEA at SOTI, said that 57 per cent of all global businesses have adopted IoT practices and 72 per cent of those believe their company is more profitable since embracing IoT. I oT is having a profound effect on business. With this large scalability, however, comes the potential for catastrophe. More connected devices bring new business challenges around scale, interoperability, security and the management of devices and endpoints. Businesses need to think strategically about IoT adoption and not become caught up in the next wave of innovation. 10 | May 2017 Any size organisation can benefit by connecting IoT to business processes – but, if a strategy is not in place, companies will find themselves throwing endless resources into connecting everything to the Internet, rather than just those devices that are critical to their business. As a result, businesses may find themselves tangled in the web of connected devices and lost in the IoT explosion. To avoid the flying shrapnel, there are five golden rules to follow to ensure businesses reap all the benefits of IoT; without becoming misplaced. The rules follow a ripple effect; that if followed chronologically, will ensure a solid foundation for the IoT estate that companies will be able to gradually develop their IoT structure towards. This will ensure IoT is working solely to improve the