Network Communications News (NCN) December 2016 - Page 7

Black Box ADVERTORIAL Remove IT equipment from your desk and stay organised with Black Box Open Frame Server Racks Black Box just introduced a new line of practical, durable and easy-to-roll Server Racks that are strong enough to stand After Before up to daily use. These racks allow easy mounting of servers, network switches, PDUs, UPSes, KVM switches and other rack-mountable test equipment. With these racks it’s possible to roll equipment under standard- or standingheight desks and with cable management hooks included, users will also get the open space they need to easily organise cables and power cords, making it easier to trace cords and pote X[؛[\˂HX[Hو[[YB\\X[\ وU\]Z\Y[ Z[\ XYۛX[ ›܈[XX[\]Z\Y[ H Nx'HX]MZ[YH[\\Έ \܈ \X[[XYH܈^[YB\][]K0 \X[\ L\X\ \XX[YB\ وU\]Z\Y[ YH[ZY LUH܈ NUK][\[\ ZZY ˍHJH\›܈[[ZZY MˎJH\ˈ[قHX[[YH\\X™X]\HH L  L HH[܂Y][ۘ[\]Z\Y[ܘYKHX]Y]HX\HۜXYو M Y]YBY[[]HXH\\X[Hݙ\\[][ܜ\][Y\X\˂\YۙY\\]ܚœ]\\\X][ۈ[]ՓB]\[\X[[[XB\]Z\Y[ XZ[\ݚYB[؜XYZ\[\X\U\]Z\Y[ [[܈HYHܙ[\Y\ˈ[]\[YHܚ\\[\Y[HX][Y[]X[[\Y \^K[[Y\][\XXX[[\Yۙ\˜[[[HX[\Z\\[X[ܙHU\]Z\Y[[\Z\ܚ][ۜܙ[\Y[XYH\K܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˘XX ]K[ؚ[S[X‚SHQQPO‚kY\\[XX[ HܙHU\]Z\Y[X]Bk\YۙY܈Z[H[ؚ[H\BkX[\ و\]Z\Y[kݚYH[؜XYZ\[\X\»k[\RPKLL Nx'H LUH܈ NUH]MZ[PTPSU PSPUKPӕQSTTTTTB  LMH HPP UKSВSSSP‚XY\ܚX[ [ ‚ Ľ M M