Network Communications News (NCN) December 2016 - Page 34

ESSENTIAL SELECTION Zyxel launches Nebula to unlock cloud networking possibilities for SMBs and resellers Zyxel has launched Nebula, a fully cloud based solution to centrally manage all Nebula wireless, switch and security devices. Nebula will enable organisations to set up, maintain and troubleshoot multiple networks remotely, dramatically increasing staff productivity and business flexibility. Nebula enables customers to view and manage their entire network across multiple sites, in one secure online platform, or hand over control to their reseller partner. Being fully cloud based, Nebula also allows any size reseller to mass manage multiple sites on-demand and easily replicate multi-site configurations. The flexible licensing model will enable resellers to move to a managed service provider (MSP) model, with a concentration on continuous delivery of service rather than a one-off set up fee. The reseller is aware of everything happening on the customer’s network, ensuring business continuity in the event of any network issues. The Nebula platform is managed through the Nebula Control Centre – a single pane of glass that provides real time metrics in an intuitive browser based dashboard, allowing the rapid discovery and repair of issues affecting the network. To support the launch, Zyxel is providing new and existing reseller partners with a free Nebula AP. For further information visit: Switch on to the Smart Factory with Harting’s HanModular switch US4 Harting has reaffirmed the recent UK launch of its HanModular Switch US4 connector as part of its Industry 4.0 portfolio. This connector is designed to save cabinet space, reduce wiring and improve distributed networking, specifically in support of Industry 4.0 modernisation programmes. One of the key principles of the Industry 4.0 is the ‘Smart Factory’, which focuses on enhanced interoperability and flexibility, cell modularisation, miniaturisation and increased decentralisation. However, many established manufacturers face barriers of physical space. This connector design helps save space by integrating multiple components and connections into a single unit. To achieve this, Harting has integrated a very compact but fully functioning ‘store and forwarding’ four port Ethernet active switch device into its Han-Modular I/O mixed connector design concept. The Han-Modular Switch US4 module makes it possible to network four EtherNet/IP or Profinet nodes with transmission speeds of up to 1,000Mbit/s, while integrated LEDs provide quick and easy power and network diagnostics for individual ports. Other features of the module include: the option for prioritisation of data packets; integrated reverse polarity and overvoltage protection; high data throughput and power supply adapter. For further information visit: AFL launches micro-tactical fibre optic cable Aiphone introduces mobile App for IX IP network PoE intercom and security system AFL is adding to its tactical fibre optic cable line by introducing microtactical cable. Designed for rapid deployment in networks that require high mechanical performance specifications, AFL’s micro-tactical cable combines ruggedness with ultra high fibre density. The military grade cable withstands high tensile loads, severe crushing forces, repeated impacts and extreme temperatures. Although innovation in tactical fibre optic cables has been largely stagnant for the last several years, AFL has now fully bridged the gap, providing a high fibre count solution to meet the increasing demand for reliable signal transmission in harsh environments. AFL offers a variety of tactical cable jacket materials enabling the cable to be used in areas where it may be exposed to high temperatures, wet locations, industrial chemicals and severe mechanical stresses. The micro-tactical cable is ideal for the broadcast industry, as well as military, mining, rail and petrochemical applications. For further information visit: Users of the Aiphone IX IP network PoE based intercom and security system are now able to remotely utilise many of its key features via their Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, thanks to the launch of a new mobile App. Designed to enhance the flexibility and ease of use of the IX system, Aiphone’s new free mobile App, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, enables users to receive calls from any IX Series intercom unit and activate release contacts such as door strikes. The mobile App is equipped with four buttons for users to programme commonly used functions, and has the ability to view any door or emergency station. Recently shortlisted as a finalist in the Communication Product of the Year category of the 2016 Security & Fire Excellence Awards, the IX system has been designed to provide communication with an infinite number of doors and to FW&7BvFFW"FWf6W2@6V7W&G77FV2BffW'2fFVVG'6V7W&GFW&6V6FVW&vV77FF2BVF67BvrFRG&GV7FbFP&R&fFW2FVFW&6B6V7W&G6WFf"GPbƖ6FffrVFR6F2f"gW'FW"f&Ff6CwwrR6V3@3B3bW76VF6VV7FFB3@""#b