Network Communications News (NCN) December 2016 - Page 32

S P E C I A L F E AT U R E IP security Secure solutions Mayflex understands that the advent of IP based security products has meant a huge increase in the integration between security systems and another step in the march of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Traditionally from an IP networking background Mayflex knows that interoperability through Software Development Kits (SDKs) is key to getting the benefits that the IoT offers. Mayflex offers door access control from Paxton, along with IP cameras from manufacturers like Axis, Avigilon, Mobotix and Dahua. Notably, Axis and Paxton have integration through their SDKs allowing for events in their solutions to be merged. To drive the new security offering, most integrators deploy Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. Mayflex supplies Dahua, Edgecore and Levelone switches to cover any budget or technical challenge. Footage creates the need for storage and the ability to manage stored data. Milestone software (VMS) and QNAP NVRs also supplied by Mayflex allow for footage to be integrated, exported and viewed, whilst taking integration to the next level. Mayflex also offers training courses directly and through its vendor partners, helping customers to take advantage of the opportunities that these new technologies bring. Courses offered take customers from the basics and simple implementation all the way to advanced technical training. For further information visit: Light, camera, action The new Mobotix p25 6MP features a decentralised system design and the ability to record to an onboard SD card. The p25 has also had a major increase in light sensitivity, implementing Moonlight Sensor Technology. This has been achieved with a wider sensor, improved image processing software, noise reduction filter and a sophisticated new lens. A highly flexible camera, offering a range of lenses available in day or night options, surface mounting kits and optional two-way audio and speaker functionality. The built-in activity sensor and MxAnalytics also provides activity heat maps and people counting. The p25 features full image recording which remains active while allowing the operator to use digital PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) up to 8x on both live and recorded images without impacting the full stream recording function. This innovative feature provides the operator with the advantages of flexible real time scene inspection, without the loss of overall area monitoring that is a major disadvantage of older mechanical PTZ systems. When installed in the corner of a room with a 103° ultra wide lens, the 6MP image resolution offers a complete and detailed overview from just a single camera. For further information visit: Remote control Providing communication with an infinite number of doors, Aiphone’s IP network based IX intercom system is designed to interact with a long list of ONVIF compliant IP cameras and leading Video Management Software (VMS), such as Avigilon, ExacqVision and Milestone, as well as the Lenel OnGuard security management software platform. The system offers video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations and multicast paging. All of these functions can be implemented between remote locations over large areas and distances, making IX an ideal solution for any type of application involving multiple locations such as airports, education campuses, railway stations and parking facilities. IX has been designed to provide a flexible, scalable communication and security system, offering users the opportunity to interchange a large number of door and master stations to match specific project requirements. Any Aiphone master on the network can be used to remotely unlock doors, assist on site visitors from an off site location and broadcast emergency announcements. IX is easily intergratable with third party systems such as access control, IP network cameras and video management software (VMS), to provide a total integrated security solution. For further information visit: 32 30-32 IP Security Products.indd 32 02/12/2016 11:09