Network Communications News (NCN) December 2016 - Page 25

IP security S P E C I A L F E AT U R E Modern management Hervé Dhélin of EfficientIP examines how companies can manage their digital security in a changing world. F Hervé Dhélin, worldwide marketing director, EfficientIP, says IP security is a vital weapon to protect a company’s efficiency and reputation. or many years now, companies have realised that in order to remain competitive they must ensure their critical business elements are adequately supported by their information systems. However, these information systems are more complex to manage than ever due to the use of smartphones, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). Business applications are now more accessible by employees, partners and customers anywhere, at anytime. Nevertheless, with easy accessibility comes security and other issues due to inconsistencies across the network. IoT, wireless and cloud services are all based on the IP protocol, but it’s clear that many companies still lack effective solutions to manage their DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP addresses). An effective DDI solution is necessary for any organisation to ensure the availability of DNS and DHCP services and assign IP resources logically. In addition, these solutions can simplify and automate the management of the relationship between DNS, DHCP and IPAM ensuring the reliability and availability of critical applications while improving the productivity of the network team. While every other aspect of business continues to adapt to the ever changing market place, many still rely on an assortment of open-source solutions and manual security processes to manage their DDI. This results in difficulty troubleshooting issues when problems occur. Anytime an issue arises, it can be a time consuming process to deal with it, it also means the network is less adaptable to further growth and change and can be confusing to managers or administrators. Staying agile To remain agile and to overcome these obstacles, it’s essential that organisations rely on a modern infrastructure capable of efficiently managing IP resources, often associated with cloud, virtualisation and mobility. This use of integrated and modern DDI solutions helps transform networks from a cost centre into a profit centre. Despite the pitfalls encountered and the impact on a business, a recent IDC study revealed that the penetration of integrated DDI solutions in the company is relatively small. IDC estimated the size of the global DDI market as $450.6m, a low figure compared to the rest of the market for network management applications, which was originally estimated to be worth $2.7bn. These figures are rather alarming when one considers that the goal of DDI enterprise solutions is to simplify processes to manage IP resources and services of the organisation. If companies continue to rely on archaic methods, they will inevitably encounter a bottleneck in the management of their infrastructures and therefore face speed and agility implications. This will ultimately impact 25 25-26 IP Security – EfficientIP.indd 25 02/12/2016 11:06