Network Communications News (NCN) August 2016 - Page 34

CEDIA-FP.pdf 1 20/07/2016 16:41 Essential INSTALL SHOW SPONSOR The Smart Building And Home Automation Trade Show C M Y CM MY CY CMY K VISITING EXHIBITING T HE R I GH T E X H I B I T I O N TO VI SI T COM PETI TI VE PR ICIN G The Essential Install Live! Trade Show is the primary sourcing and selling opportunity for the UK smart home / home automation industry. The show provides the truly unique beneļ¬t of genuine face-to-face encounters with decision makers who have purposely left their business to call on you! Essential Install Live! space rates are amongst the lowest in Britain, even compared to niche events attracting a fraction of the audience. Exhibitor rates are deliberately calculated to provide affordable access to the masses of Essential Install Live! show visitors and a really positive return on your investment. - THE SE MINAR T HEAT RE - ON E -TO - ONE B U SINESS CONTACT - P R OD UCT DEMOS & PRODU CT L AU N C HE S - S HOW D ISCOU NT S & OFFERS TH I NK I NG O F EX H IBIT ING ? B O O K YO UR STAN D. CAL L : 01634 67316 3 - N E TWO R KING A ND B RA ND OUT R E AC H - BUS INE S S OPPORT UNIT IES - L ATE ST TECH T RENDS NORTH 12TH OCTOBER 2016 EVENTCITY, MANCHESTER, M41 7TB OPENING TIMES: 9:30AM - 4:30PM L E A R N M O R E AT W W W. E S S E N T I A L I N S TA L L L I V E . C O M Untitled-17 1 01/08/2016 17:20