Network Communications News (NCN) August 2016 - Page 33

intelligent buildings Finishing touches Bringing simplicity and style to the fore, the Equinox range of touch screen control units, from Legrand’s Vantage range of home automation systems, feature a high level of functionality with tailored control and automation technologies for the ultimate personalised home environment. Now featuring increased widgets and improved definition, the Equinox range offers a modern interface that can be controlled on the go, via a smartphone App. Modern interfaces combined with powerful InFusion Controllers seamlessly integrate subsystems and enhance the user experience through the creation of individual profile settings. The touch screen range is intuitive, easy to use and has been designed with the end user in mind, incorporating both light and presence sensors they can be programmed to respond to ambient light and/or detect the user so that the display is always visible, even in darkness. The Vantage Equinox 73 provides a three layer user interface, via a seven inch LCD touch screen. Via this large screen, users have the ability to view three widgets at any one time with ultimate control over their environment through the ability to edit and create new scenes. The touch screen unit includes 12 widgets, including lighting, climate, multi-zone audio, cameras, security, and audio/visual. For further information visit: S P E C I A L F E AT U R E Smarter than the average Janus Technology focuses on integrating technology to create inspiring solutions for the smart home and smart building industries. Services include App developments that enhance manufacturers’ offerings, creation of integration drivers for popular residential and commercial control systems, and bespoke solutions in control of building management systems and infrastructure. Now in its seventh year, Janus Technology is a trusted development partner for many well known global brands, and the go to partner for many system integrators around the world. The Janus portfolio of services includes: Apps for iOS and Android devices, that enhance integration. Create solutions for smart building infrastructure. Allow smarthome control systems to interact with manufacturers’ products. Bring brands large and small to the IoT party. Provide smarthome and building consultancy and professional services. Develop solutions across multiple platforms and languages to deliver what’s needed. For further information visit: 32-33 Intelligent Buildings – Products.indd 33 02/08/2016 16:19